Bounty to Fry an HF Implant

Depends… dermal skin cells are very difficult to replace once destroyed.

How can we protect from the high voltage with spark gap emp generator?
I have a project where I need to make one, but I don’t want to fry my implant …

PS: if this too much of a thread hijack, I am make another …

I wouldn’t worry. Your flesh will attenuate electric fields like that. I highly doubt the same attack vector is valid inside the body. Maybe in a couple months I’ll get a bunch of x-series and try and fry them all in-vivo with these methods we’ve discovered.

If you really want to protect an implant against pretty much any type of EM attack, cover it in aluminium foil


Good to know, thanks :+1:
I wasn’t sure if aluminum was good enough or I needed lead sheets (I have some somewhere, but I’m not quite sure where they are … Probably in my anodizing tub …).

I have a spark I’m not planning on injecting … I might put it in some chicken and try it out …

Lol nah it’s not radiation. You’re not absorbing the energy of particles you’re deflecting the flux of magnetic fields. Physics is complicated, but don’t worry too much about it. If you can’t read an implant with your phone through it, you’re safe from most environmental hazards (from that direction).

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Thanks :+1:

I work on “high frequency” power generator (~20Khz@~20KV) and did a lot of test with them before getting the implant, never managed to fry one …
I just don’t want to find out now it’s implanted :grin:

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13.56MHz / 20kHz makes it the 678th harmonic of the fundamental frequency. Even if your waveform has a 20kV amplitude and is purely resistive (so there’s no current leading or lagging introduced by inductance and capacitance), you would still only experience mV range magnetics within your implant. Even if there was a chance high amplitude spike at 13.56MHz due to random constructive interference, it wouldn’t overcome the ESD protection of the NFC chip, and it wouldn’t persist long enough to induce heat in the circuit.

I have an interesting experiment you could try. Take a small bit of magnet wire wrapped around a ferrite rod to emulate an RFID implant (doesn’t have to be carefully constructed at all, any size/gauge). Hook that up to the leads of an oscilloscope. Hold it near enough to your power generator that you can detect a signal. Save that complex waveform, then perform a Fourier transform on it. If you can even get a tiny blip at 13.56MHz I would be very impressed.

EDIT: I’d pay a bounty for some pictures of the setup and that waveform/Fourier transform

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I’ve been wondering for awhile now if lower sharp edge frequencies can power led implants by using the lower harmonics. The primary coil antenna would have to be designed for minimal induction to allow for the fast rise and fall times though, which would affect it’s area of influence.

Electroboom demonstrates sine wave harmonics compared to sharp edge harmonics @ 9:00

Destruction with EMP Device, Understand and Battle EM Interference - YouTube

Can everybody tell that I like Electroboom?

Also wouldn’t a helical coil reader big enough that the entire implanted hand/arm/foot be placed inside, have the best coupling with helical coil implants? My ZVS driver coil operates using a sine wave at around 100kHz but a 13.56MHz field detector is still able to shine when placed directly inside the coil.

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I can definitely set that up and giving it a go, but my digital scope can’t be within a few feet of the generator … The HV feed a giant air gap capacitor and the emf generated can really screw with electronic …

Our newer gen transfer is a bit less noisy but more fragile electronically …

If you got a setup in mind, share it with me. If I have the parts I may set it up …

You could use a very long coaxial cable

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@Equipter fried their xSIID with the NFCKill so now we know it works in vivo :joy:

Video coming shortly


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