Brady temperature sensor NFC labels

I have a pack of those NFC sensors on order for evaluation (the smaller NFC version, not the larger UHF one). Nifty little product. If you want to see it in action, here’s Brady’s marketing video:

  • Amal: those are 37mm in diameter, so a tad smaller than the Smartracs you use to make the flexNExTs. I assume you’d be able to work your magic on a Brady sensor as custom work if I send you one, yes?

  • Since those are (hopefully) longer range than glass implants, I’m considering implanting one under one of my pec muscles, so it’s deeper than a subdermal to get closer to my core temperature.

    I’m thinking I should be able to convince a plastic surgeon to implant it on me fairly easily, as this is the exact same location as under-the-muscle boob jobs countless women undergo every year. The only problem will be to convince the good doctor that a DT implant is as safe to implant as a fake booby, despite being an unapproved mail-order product.

    Has anyone ever attempted implanting something there? How did you go about doing it?


I might have to order a couple to play around with. When I worked in a Data Center we would have to write down the temperatures displayed on the CRAC units. These NFC stickers would make that part of the job really easy to automate.

You might be thinking “Why not make them network connected?” the easy answer is people have to walk the floor anyways to check for hardware failures, problems with the CRACs, or leaks/flooding/fire. It would keep the lazy techs accountable and insurance happy.

looks interesting… if you wanted to get some to test out range it looks like i could easily convert one.


Ok cool, that’s what I thought. They don’t look terribly different from a bullseye.

I’m ordering a bunch to assess a few things - range of course, how fragile it is (wouldn’t want to implant something that big that’ll fail within a week), and a slew of other things.

But most importanty, what I need exactly to get the temperature back: I don’t want some app / protocol that’ll prevent me from using my implant with my own code, or a buggy custom Android app that’s only available on Google Play that’ll quit working 2 years down the line if I don’t get the latest superduper cellphone.

The way I think it works is, when you scan it, it creates a NDEF with URL on the fly that points to a Brady server, with the current temperature in a GET parameter. That’s the only way Brady can claim no app is needed, and to achieve a scan history with a fully passive transponder. In the video, it looks very much like a browser with a URL line. Also, the sales literature says the address is configurable.

If that’s how it works, then either I can configure it to point to my own server, or I can intercept the URL easily with Tasker to extract and display the temperature, so it doesn’t hit Brady’s server. That would be perfect. But I want to make 100% certain that’s how it works.

Anyhow, when I get them, I’ll let you know.


That’s a pretty deep implant though no?

Yeah but it should be safe because boobies :slight_smile:

I seriously thought you said “but it will be food safe”
Clearly I’ve been reading too much 3D printer stuff lately

How serious of an install would that be being it’s under muscle? Local anesthetic or general? I’m assuming just a small incision?

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Local might be pushing it. But I wouldn’t think it’s a big surgery.

Of course, that’s only doable if the tags turn out to be readable through a lot of flesh - which is easy to test by putting one in your mouth and trying to read it from under your chin.

I’d really love to get a smartphone-readable temperature chip… wasn’t Amal working on something like that already?
I’m really curious to see how good the reading range would be with the chips you found, and if it reads through flesh as well… if it does, I might have a new experimental thing to surprise my bodmod-artist with :smile:

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If you implant it at the same place I have in mind, you might get a better core temperature reading with the mammary hardware you possess that I’m not equipped with in front of the implant, but it might pose a problem for reading - especially with “ample” hardware.

Also, you’d be required to show the scar in here obviously, else it won’t have happened :slight_smile:

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You’re quite fascinated with my boobies, are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think implanting it there would be a terrible idea, considering I don’t want to go to a surgeon…
That’s why I would love to have a simple, x-style glass implant I could just get injected between the muscles of my arm. But reading range might be a lot better with a flex-style implant… any other idea on where to put it?

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Who, me? Absolutely not! :slight_smile: How could I be: I’ve never seen them.

I’m not sure you would have to. I’m thinking maybe your artist would be competent - and bold - enough to make a small incision under the breast and slip the flexTemp (or whatever it might end up being called if it ever happens) under the mammary gland, just at the edge. In your case, it wouldn’t need to be under the muscle, so perhaps not so involved a procedure. I couldn’t do that obviously: if I implant it over the muscle, it’ll almost be a subdermal for me.

Might be an idea, yes… He’s all for experimental stuff, but he refrains from doing stupid things - guess I’ll have to find out into which category this would fall :smile:
But I really like the idea, just to be able to monitor my temperature regularly (and I’m just too lazy to use a thermometer every day - put that into some fancy technology, and I might use it^^) and maybe realize earlier if something’s not quite right with my body.

Ah, before diving too deep into that (knowing how easily hyped I am…), I think I just wait to see what your tests with those little things bring up :wink:

I’m not too worried about the form factor or the solidity. I’ll test them, but I’m fairly sure they’ll be okay.

I’m not too worried about the technical aspect of data retrieval either - although it’s possible that Brady has implemented some nasty encryption shit to transfer the temperature value to their server in such a way that only they can interpret it.

What I’m concerned about is accuracy, and more importantly, precision. The former can be compensated for, but lack of the latter would make it unusable for the purpose of body temperature monitoring.

Yeah we were but then after initial success we upped our ambitions considerably… new things coming in 2021.


Now you’ve said too much.

Care to spill a bean or two?

Or said another way: should I even bother with the Brady labels at all?

I agree. Tell us more!
xSeries? Maybe a xSIID? More sensors?

Sensors would be so damn sweet. If it’s what I’m hoping it is, I’m gonna stuff my meat full of em.


much ambition. such wow

Yes. For what you want, yes bother. We are going for significantly smaller devices and such range will not be comparable.

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