Brady temperature sensor NFC labels

True true, but what I’d love to know is what is generally doable in one layer as usual?

Difficult to determine. It’s mostly about abrupt changes in height causing gaps and whatnot… but 0.5mm changes are typically the max

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Not sure if this helps your goal @anon3825968, but I found a chip that supposedly needs no special reader, and can be written to.

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Still needs a special reader, says it on the listing

" Operating Frequency: 134 kHz "

Still 134 kHz, can’t be used with a phone or anything used for human implants, which is the goal. Would still need the HALO reader or something similar. When they say no dedicated or special readers required, they mean that it doesn’t require their fancy readers (which start at $1,150…).


I read it right, but confused it for 125.

Long overnight shift today. :sweat_smile:

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Just to add to this convo, for antibody not aware; Rosco has done some interesting work around the 134kHz Readers

Also the Proxmark is capable of reading them


The dedicated 134kHz pet chip Readers are also capable of reading 125kHz

Just FYI, those guys don’t make anything… they rename and resell off the shelf stuff to gullible science labs who are fat with grant cash, but they call it their own. Yes we did this with he xBT, but we didn’t try to sell it for fucking $250 either. iMO, those guys are pricks who are sapping the financial resources of science labs and hindering human progress as a result.


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I think I have everybody beaten, It has been 2021 for over 14hrs already…and Nothing, Nada, zilch, Nil, zero, Not one iota of new stuff from Dangerous Things :man_shrugging:


Now that’s not true. Our SQL server has had some much needed schema changes done and our github has multiple pushes so far for the day (albeit private repos). And it’s not even midday! :laughing:

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I stand corrected!

Thats a great start,
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Don’t tempt me, or an Apex SQL server will be written just to prove you wrong :rofl:


Not so: if I sell you a piece of string for $500 and you buy it, the onus was on you to figure out that you could buy the entire roll for $2.50 with less than two minutes of googling. In this case, it doesn’t take much longer to find alternatives to those overpriced Bio Thermo rebrands.

Complacent purchasing officers and poorly managed grant money are what’s sapping human progress.

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Hey fair. I am not interested so much in a temp only implant, just reminded me of this post when I read it.

Is $11 a rip off per piece? I didn’t think it was that bad of a deal.

In either case, I had confused the frequency. So it was a mute suggestion anyways. I would have just linked him to the xBT

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$11 is a good deal actually… I thought it was the price for one! I have seen some of the other chips they sold last year that we’re priced like crazy high… hadn’t looked at them since.


@anon3825968, great find on the Brady RFID/NFC labels.

Do you mind if I ask where you bought them from/through, please?

I’d love to get my hands on a few of each for some experimenting with.


I bought them from the local retailer here in Finland - which won’t help you much probably.

Just find a Brady dealer in your area and ask them for samples. They should send you a couple to play with.

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Thanks, @anon3825968 . I got in touch with my local Brady supplier today, to see if they can import them from Europe for me. It might be easier to buy them online somewhere and forward them on to Australia.
Any help is appreciated.