Broken flexDF 8k Beta

It seems after about 5 years of having this thing on the knife edge of my left hand it has functionally died. When I first got it it worked pretty well after the swelling went down and was a super clean install. Then I like probably hit it on something at some point and as of like 2 years ago it would read like 50% of the time, and then as of like 6 months ago it stopped working.

I’m over being bummed about it lol. I had fun with it while it lasted and was worth it overall. I’m just wondering about getting it replaced now and the specifics.

Is it safe to just take the old one out and slip a new one in and stich it up? Obviously by a professional but like same location?

Also If I remember correctly doesn’t this thing have a lifetime warranty? I’m hoping to get something more reliable or potentially simpler in construction.

Also would my skin have like grown into it at all? I worry slightly it’s become like a part of me and will have to get cut out the hard way. Probably not though right?

Thanks for keeping an active community all these years!

Also ignore the boo boos they are from a longboarding incident

I can’t read so ignore my previous comment

No, as far as I know, Amal prefers to avoid antimigration coatings to ease implant removal.

This will depend on a several factors so ask your installer. However, do note that knife edge installs are not recommended for flex implants:

From my understanding, there have been some improvements in the construction of the flex implants and I think that it’s covered by warranty. So click the :help: button on the website.

You might have to wait for those to heal but ask your installer.

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