Knife edge installations of flex implants

Be Advised - avoid knife edge installations for flex

We are seeing an odd number of failures of flex implants specifically installed into the knife edge of the hand. In particular we have seen an unusual number of Walletmor and Purewrist payment conversion implants failing when installed on the extreme knife edge of the hand.

We are still waiting to receive some of the extracted failures back for analysis, but at this time the hypothesis is that the flexing of the hand is creating a soft of twisting motion which is eventually working metal fatigue of the small strips of metal connecting the side fins of the chip to the IC carrier body. We will post more information once we learn more about this issue.

No apparent safety risk

At this time we are not seeing any apparent risk to safety. There are no reports of any inflammation, pain, swelling, or any adverse reactions. The devices simply and suddenly stop working.We have no reason to believe at this time that there is any risk of a biopolymer coating failure.

For now, we are recommending people not install flex implants into the knife edge of the hand. Instead, if your physiology can accommodate it, the outside area closer to the little finger index metacarpal bone on top of the hand is a better location.



Thanks for the headsup Amal, Open and honest as usual.

It is unfortunate for those of you who have had them fail, but If I may speak on behalf of those of us who had planned this installation location in the near future,
Thank You.

I can personally attest to the alternative location Amal has suggested,


It is a very usable location, especially for payment implants, (payment conversion, Walletmor etc)