Safety advisory for flex installs

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Does this seem to only affect the butterfly (flex PCB) flex implants, or also older copper coil antenna implants? I was potentially planning on a flexM1 in that location…

Thanks for the heads up. I was planning Walletmor to be installed in that location. I have the flexM1 on L0 so would there be any collision on the recommended L4. Planning to put apex flex on R0 one day so that’s currently not an option. If there is collision on that location. What would be good place to put it? :thinking:

I got my Walletmor in that location. I really hope it won’t die an early death :cry:

I’m getting the paywear conversion and I was planning on between L1 and 2, as close as I can to the knuckle. Is that a bad idea? Everyone seems to do towards pos 5 for these. I also have an NExT in L0 so that might interfere but I don’t think so

So far that seems to the the case… but knife edge wasn’t necessarily that popular with non-payment implants.

I had the flexm1 in this position and it let go. Since moved it to the top of my hand.

Also have the flex payment conversion implant I my other hand. In what seemed like a perfect spot. Now it seems eerily like it’s cutting into the skin from inside. Hoping I don’t have to remove it.

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@amal This solidified getting it in the “watch” position on my left wrist.

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So if the little finger metacarpal is good so are the other metacarpals right? I would prefer to have mine over the middle finger metacarpal. I have been struggling with this… I want to replace my flexNext on the back of the hand and it would feel very weird not to have something there. But the common consensus is that round flexes in that area are destined to die much sooner so I’m considering a wedge shaped flex aligned on the middle metacarpal… which is much less cool but at least it’s something.
I’ve done my fair bit of experimental flexes and it was interesting but now I’m okay to loose a bit of cool factor if it means it will last for a lifetime or close. Yet I’m not 100% convinced, are there many records of wedges on metacarpals lasting for years?

I’ve had my PAY in position 3 for a year now, and it’s still holding up fine. It’s one of the old copper coils though. I don’t think the flex PCB antennas have been in use long enough to have that data available.

You can obviously see the difference in the stress profile between a knife edge install and a metacarpal install.

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Can anyone direct me to a trial of the new flex design? I was hoping to see how bendy it is.

Looks like we need to ask Amal to update this thread

Poor little flexi…
:flex: :hammer:

My prediction is, the test wont be impressive, due to the small form factor design, and the chip taking up ~25%-33% I don’t think they will be very flexible, but easily flexible enough for our implantation purposes.

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Well I want to go one more phlange (sp?) Out on 8.

So middle bone, middle finger.

Scalpel in, flip it around to the blunt end, tunnel it in, and voila! (By a pro of course)

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Wow, your fingers are TINY

Only 4cm long…I’m not judging, just an observation :straight_ruler: :wink:

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Yes, but they feature 2 inches in the middle (at least that is what I assume ft 2 in means).

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That’s 4 freedom units friendo!


Haha, Thanks, I was aware…my joke obviously fell flat ( I knew I should have “photoshopped” in Metric onto the tape measure )


I like how Stanley doesn’t even humor the metric system on the bottom level of shame
Freedom units or nothing

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haha, only on the other 96% of the worlds population