Broken/Spares being sold in the Lab?

So, here in England we have broken biscuit boxes right? And they are basically boxes full of broken biscuits and cookies that didn’t make “the cut.”

What are the chances of us being able to purchase things like this from DT? Say an misshapen NExT, or an XSIID that doesn’t light up etc.?

I know it may sound cheeky since obviously we can buy the items in full working condition, but its an ideal way to cut losses from a company perspective and for the project I’m doing now, where I need an XM1 but don’t need it to be sterile or injectable - it would be ideal! :slight_smile:

what did you like to do with them ?

this is kinda the problem hah… some people are willing to put just about any broken piece of junk into their bodies hah… so we limit our liability by not selling that stuff. It also puts additional financial pressure on us to improve process quality if we have to toss stuff out that doesn’t make the cut.

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There is a big difference between broken biscuits (aesthetically less pleasing but perfectly safe) and, for example, an implant that is not properly encapsulated (aesthetically less pleasing and potentially deadly).

This information provided below is on the assumption that you are not going to put this inside a person.

I am assuming it HAS to be a glass encapsulated chip :white_check_mark:
Does it have to be Magic S50 like in the xM1?
You also mentioned NExT and xSIID, so would a xNT equivalent be suitable ( NTAG 216 ) , it is still ISO14443a.
You could look at something like a cheap pet chip from aliexpress
Normally, they are the FDX-B 134 kHZ chips, but they also do a NTAG216 as mentioned, here’s a link

The biggest difference between the xM1 and the xNT
xM1 - changeable NUID
xNT - NDEF data storage and transfer

I’ll have a look and see if I can find any xM1 equivalent, I have never seen one before, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist, also I have never looked for them before.

If you get some, do not put these inside a person.

It is a typical Aliexpress listing, so even though it implies you will be injecting your pet seagulls and pigeons with 134.2kHZ chips

It looks more likely, it will actually be the NTAG216 as mentioned

Brand Star

Protocol ISO14443A, NFC Type 2

Frequency 13.56MHz

Chip type Ntag216

Memory 888bit

Size 2.12*12mm

Material Polypropylene, Biocompatible Glass Without Parylene C coating (NFC microchip)

Sterilization EO gas, 5 years’ guarantee

Bar code Contains 8pcs adhesive-sticker

I’ve ordered some NTAG216’s from AliExpress, I install them in work clothes behind the labels to keep track of how old they are how much they cost and thinking about trying to track wash cycles.

I can say they are good chips.

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Glass or flats?

Glass, sorry I tried to post a link but it didn’t want to work.

Yea I’ve got 30 or so of various forms to embed into 3D prints, but I haven’t actually done anything worth putting them in lately lol

Including any Magic Mifare 1k glassies, Like @Cal was looking for?

I’m totally game for buying less than perfect quality electronics, readers, etc. I’m always looking for tinker projects :slight_smile:

And as for low quality implants, that’s scary to put out there - too scary.

Now, samples, one offs, testers and beta, that’s where the coolness comes to my brain.

Negatron, but I wasn’t interested in those, I can make a quick check to see if they make them

Nope I only see t5577 or ntags in glass

They do have magic card formats, but then I’d probably recommend the U.K. distributor instead

I can see from the photos the sealing process was less than quality… probably tried to flame seal this glass… I doubt it’s actually schott bioglass too… it again great for projects and embedding

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Yea, the China ones I got are sketchy for anything biological

I mean yeah sure there is, the biscuit analogy was just that, a light-hearted analogy :sweat_smile: Isn’t everything deadly in the wrong hands though? I can go to a local pharmacy and buy a pack of paracetamol to stop my headache, or I could swallow the pack and OD if I so wanted.

I think if someone was desperate enough they would grab something off of AliExpress like @Pilgrimsmaster has shown you can, even though they are meant for pets. I actually had one delivered from AliExpress yesterday, full injector assembly with a T5577 chip, again, obviously not to go inside myself.

I am currently waiting on some glass NTAGs to come also from AliExpress, but no for the project I am working on I need the changeable NUID. Sorry for the confusion @Pilgrimsmaster I was just using the xSIID and NExT as like examples.

you had my curio

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Not at all, I had assumed that was what you were wanting, but just thought I would ask.

I did have another look to see if I could find any glass tags with S50 chips in them but to no avail.
There are other form factors out in the wild, that are small, just not that small… actually, as I type this, I remember, I have something, let me find it.
I’ll post pictures shortly

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200 :wink:

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So I bought this a couple of years ago.
The formfactor is awesome (well I like it)
The range is not surprisingly not great, @ ~8mm with Galaxy S21
If you need exact dimensions, let me know.





Now ill go dig you out a link…