Calling on aussies or kiwis

I am looking for a installer for the flex in Aus or Nz. If you can please DM me with a installer anywhere i am happy to travel. Prefer to hear from those that have had a flex installed. Thanks all.

I’m guessing jumping on the ferry from Tasmania to Melbourne would be your fastest and cheapest.



But don’t rule out local.

And supply them with this info

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I would also suggest Piercing HQ in addition to The Piercing Urge in Melbourne, I’ve not personally been there but I know people that have, and they definitely do more out there installs.


For sure. Thanks

I had the apex and a next installed tonight. Brisbane. I have a nurse friend who will likely do it subject to a waiver. She has done about 5 so far with no problems. It may cost you a carton and a long as to travel but is an option….

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I have been on that ferry. It is not cheap. The beers and wines and…. Add up!! Also it results in a spousal argument and one of us sleeps in the car…

Better to fly!


It is a rough trip in every way but not* out of the question. Nether is flying to brissy. I am flying to cairns in a week or so

Melbourne - ite here, the piercing urge, to my knowledge (though my knowledge is a couple months out of date), don’t have anyone who can install the flex implants, only the x-series implants. However piercing HQ will do both.

Even flex using the needle method?

Honestly not too sure, nor do I want to speak on behalf of a piercing studio that, apart from getting my chips done at, I don’t have anything to do with :sweat_smile: I will say though that when I was there, the person who did my install said that they were more than happy to do x-series implants, but not the flex stuff. That may have changed since I was there, maybe they didn’t know about the needle method, not sure. Sorry I couldn’t be much more help there :sweat_smile:

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That was helpful. Ideally I want it in a finger so the needle method may not be the best option. Thanks

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Yeah, you really don’t want to mess around with fingers with a non experienced professional.

If that is 100% what you want to do, make sure you find somebody that is fully competent.
Also being a guinea pig is not the best option, but you may need to travel a little further afield to find somebody with that experience :man_shrugging:

I could probably link you to an installer or 2 in Europe, and maybe 1 in the USA, just from current community members with finger implants.
There may be more, but those are the only ones I can think of.

Fingers are a great option from a usability point of view, but there are others to consider also.

The below also links to position naming conventions we tend to use

I actually laughed out loud


Thanks you have been a great help. I do plan on visiting the eu and usa next year so it is a option.

The owner has the skill even without the needle, he’s a scarification artist and knows his way around a scalpel, just something he didn’t want to do but not sure why.
Piercing HQ though do flexes and for that matter all manner of subdermals so there are great options here anyway.

Same here :wink:

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I will have a chat to hq. Seems to be majority.

Sometimes you have to go first…

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do you remember who you worked with there?

I’ve not worked directly with anyone there sorry, just researched their services, referred some other people and am potentially planning on getting some subdermal gitd stars / larger flex implants done there in the future.

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