Can a 14 year old get an X series implant in the UK?


I’m wondering whether there’s any rules against someone under 18 getting an implant in the UK (with parents consent)? As I understand there are no rules on piercings, but tattoos require you to be over 18. However, I couldn’t find anything about implants, except for one other company.

Another implant company I found (Bioteq ) , who are UK based, say on their website they only do implants for over 18’s. Is this just them, or a legal requirement?

Any help would be great, Thanks!

Piercings in the UK do not have an age restriction as you have noted (unless under 16 in Scotland where you need parental consent) but it is up to the piercing studio about their own rules that are likely to go above and beyond this if they are reputable. As a note - tattoos - need to be 18 regardless of parental consent.

Bodymods including subdermal implants are not strictly piercings and as such are in a legal grey area in the UK. It would be up to the individual studio if they would offer them at all but I would expect most will decline unless 18 (maybe 16) but this would have to be down to the individual studio. Under 16 would be unlikely even with parental consent for most places i would think.

Either way you should certainly discuss this with your parents and if you cant get one now, just get one when you are slightly older :slight_smile:

Here are some replies to a similar question
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There may be some good info in there.

Whereabouts are you in the UK ( nearest City) ? There are a few community members that live in the UK and may be able to help you further

Thanks! I think I’ll try talking to my parents soon and then see if any places near us will do it. If not I guess I’ll just wait. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks, but not sure how much of this would apply to me. Above 16 you can do more, and while it’s not law, I feel like any reputable installer would require you be at least 16, even with parental consent unfortunately. Still, I’ll talk to my parents and see if I can ask around, there’s one Dangerous things certified installer fairly near me, so I’ll try them first. I’m in London btw.

If your parents are cool with it, have your dad do it or something. They are stupid easy to install. Just watch a YouTube video honestly.

also check out KSECs list of professional installers.

@KaiCastledine (Mr. KSEC) may want to chime in with his thoughts as to the feasibility of a 14yo implanted and the legality therein, and also if he thinks any of his installers would do this for you.

Do this! make sure you have all the facts, and can answer any of their questions with confidence.

Have a read through these, they will pretty much put you in good steed.

This one covers the tech really well

this one has some links to videos and documents with the installation procedures

If your parents have any questions you cant answer, send them here to us and we will do our best to answer them


Dangerous Things always advises against non-professional installers, IIRC.

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You’ll find 16+ is the standard but some will say 18 due to the nature of them.

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Oh for sure it’s not perfect but if safety is your top concern then grinding is a hard hobby to justify. Sometimes you have to use the options available to you.

I’ve done much more sketchy stuff that I wouldn’t advocate for but a chip is just so easy and safe that it’s hard to say why not just go for it.