Can I copy a Mircom TX3 Series Fob to my NExT implant?

Got my implant this summer and been an unofficial forum reader till now. I’m a complete newbie who’s loving the NFC part of the implant, since I was able to write it with my phone (NFC Tools).

I just got a new job that requires us to use the Mircom TX3 Series Fob to enter the office. I’m curious about the compatibility between these devices and whether it’s possible to transfer the data from the fob to the implant.

Is it technically feasible to copy the programming or information from a Mircom TX3 Series fob onto a NExT implant?

The Mircom TX3 Series fob looks just like this:

Any insights or experiences with this process would be greatly appreciated!

If it’s passive chips are what you’re using (aka when you tap the fob against the reader instead of pressing the button and activating from a distance) then maybe you could copy it to your next

Mircom dabble in LF & HF passive tags your best shot at success would be if your fob is using the low frequency side as your T5577 in your NExT has compatibility for all the LF chipsets mircom supports.

If it’s the high frequency chipsets in use you’d be slim on luck as you can’t change the uid of the HF side of the next so you’d most likely have to have it enrolled by UID or if their system is set to operate from block content maybe you’d get away with it.

My advice would be to get a proxmark3 easy (DT sells them) and get some diagnostics from your fob to see what we are working with


Hey @Equipter ,

Thanks for the fast reply !

When I get into the office, I have to tap the fob against the reader. At the moment I’m driving home to go pick up my RFID Card to determine whether its LF or HF.

I’m getting the Proxmark3 easy soon, waiting for the upcoming holidays since my parents are getting it for me.

If I do figure out that its LF, how would I be able to copy the fob and transfer the info to my implant? Would any reader/cloner suffice or would I need the ProxMark3 no matter what?

Thanks !

Honestly it depends on the chipset at low frequency reader writers still need to have a library of known chipsets on how to read/encode them onto t5577, that and the myriad of devices and quality & quirks of those I would stick with the proxmark

The proxmark3 easy would be able to do it if it does end up being the case and it would be relatively simple, I’m always around (or on discord: equip) for the troubleshooting & getting it cloned

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So the RFID Diagnostic Card lights up on the LF (125.0 kHz) side. So relatively, it’ll be easier, right? Cant wait to get the Proxmark now !

Adding you in discord soon so that I could ask how to properly use the Proxmark as well.

Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

It sounds like a clone SHOULD be super easy, however, it will also depend on the actual reader if it will couple with your implant.

That’s interesting; Do you have to hold one of the buttons? or just tap?
Do the buttons do anything that you know of?
My guess is that it is a 2 button version of this

What OS are you running?
Here are some setup guides


He’s very knowledgeable and will be able to help you out if you get stuck.


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Hey @Pilgrimsmaster !

Can’t believe I have the opportunity to be blessed by you in my forum lol

Nope, just tap it to the reader. I do not know what the buttons do.

I was going to use the firmware that the Proxmark3 comes with (I believe its the Iceman)

Thanks for everything and the helpful links. Will post more/ask through discord if I cant figure anything out.

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