Can I implant xg3 magnet in my finger

Iknow this probably been answered but can I but the xg3 in my finger if yes will I need a different way to implant it orther then what it comes with ??? Of course I will need a stich

The Titan is your best bet for finger install easiness. xG3 in knife edge is another great placement.

It has been done, but the consensus always seems to be that it’s a snugger fit than really makes a lot of sense

The xg3 is really more for lifting than sensing anyways, so a titan just makes more sense there

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@mrln might have some insight


Thank u for replying an I just want to confirm I’m from canda so titan is a bit up there for my first one sadly but from what I understand useing the XG3 in my finger is possible??

Thank u & sadly titan just cost a lot if I was in us maybe but different but I don’t really wanna pay the extra money cuz canda kinda trash XD


I highly recommend not putting a Xg3 in a finger!
The fingertip is full of nerves and the needle install method is quite invasive and the Xg3 is really big.

If you want a Finger magnet just take the titan. its more expensive but its a lifetime decision bc the magnet itself can stay on the same place your whole life.
So if you ask me as a person that has a fingertip xg3:

Its not worth the risk, i have heared of many failed attempts to install a xg3 in the finger.

So If you want a Sensing magnet in your finger i would highly recommend the Titan.


So I’m going to counter all of these comments with.
Do it

I have an XG3 V2 in my right ring finger and a titan in my left ring finger.
The Titan installed via scalpel the XG3 installed via the needle.

I expletive, love my ex G3 V2 for both lifting and sensing

While, everyone here is correct in saying it’s tight and it hurts like hell and it takes a long time to heal and it’s an awkward place for normal life… I would not change I love it.


Thank u I’m ganan get lidocaine to numb it looks like it’s ganna kill plus I have t3 on hand XD