Can’t figure out card type

So we have new HID cards for work and I wanted to clone it to my implant (I have both RFID and NFC chips).

I’ve scanned the HID card with both that handheld RFID scanner/writer as well as with an NFC app on my NFC-enabled phone, but neither detects anything.

Any thoughts as to what might actually read the card?

What kind of HID cards are they? HID makes a bunch of different cards.

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I was reading that doc last night and I still was not 100% clear as to the type of card this is. You might be able to better identify it… on the back in the lower left corner it says “HID 0009P” if that helps at all. Can send a photo if need be. I appreciate the help.

You should be able to clone that with a proxmark to an xEM. What “scanner/writer” do you have?

For RFID i just have one of those chinese handheld scanner/writers… the blue one that looks sort of like a gun. I know it works because I can scan the RFID implant in my hand and it detects it, but I get nothing from it when I scan the HID.

On my iPhone i have an NFC scanner that I also know works because it can scan and write to the NFC implant in my other hand… but it also finds nothing when I use it to scan the HID card.

There are several versions of the blue cloner, they look identical. There is a version that does not read HID cards and one that does. Your xEM is most likely in EM mode which is compatible with the cloner. You need a cloner that will do HID mode.

Ah… crap. lol. I didn’t know there were two different ones…

I must have lucked out as I was able to find one on amazon that said it did HID cards and it does. But right now I can’t find any. I wonder if HID went through and reported all those listings. The listing I bought from doesn’t exist anymore.

This one says it does, but you never know what you get with these chinese sellers.


This is the RFID I bought from EBay like, last year some time.

Before you use the blue cloner, be aware that it will set a password on the chip, effectively locking it. Some information is here: xEM Cloning, Emulation Modes and the perils of Chinese cloners!