Can we change RIFID/NFC ID's with proxmark3 easy?

I’m curious if we can reprogrammed the serial ID’s of the RFID/NFC chip with proxmark3 easy! I use my XSIID as my social media, BIOS, Laptop password :joy:, because it feels cool using it! Feels like I’m living in the future! but I’m also afraid that if ever my password/serial ID’s got compromised that I won’t be able to use my implant as my password anymore that’s why I’m curious can we reprogram our RFID/NFC implants with proxmark3 easy and also input the serial ID’s with special characters too making the password really strong!

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The xSIID has a standard static Unique ID that cannot be changed, however some other products like the xM1 have Changeable UIDs

The UID also has to be a Hexadecimal string, it can’t have any special characters

There are other chip options that have advanced security features that may work for you, if you’re concerned about that kind of thing


Yeah I’ll try to get a xM1, I’m having a blast since I had xSIID last year. Showing off to my friend and making my life more easier not having to type out any password at all :joy:! I wish there would be a tech able to read out an information inside of the chip and use it as a password etc. so we can have special characters in our password not just hexadecimals. Also quantum chip are I’m also curious what application this could have with NFC/RFID chip would there be more powerful chips in the upcoming future. Also I’m curious can we programme xSIID to make to pay for your stuff? I know those chips for payment exist here in dangerous things like Walletmor.

out of stock / Discontinued
The xMagic is the replacement for it and its awesome

It has 2 chips, both with modifiable UIDs
and you could use it as a kind of 2fa and you can change them both as frequently as you like.

get a dual freq reader, read one then the other

something like these would work for you