Cant get Proxmark3 on linux going

So I bought a proxmark3 easy and followed this guide on GitHub. The thing is that I didn’t set PLATFORM=PM3GENERIC as mentioned in the Advanced Compilation Parameters and left it as it was (PLATFORM=PM3RDV4). After compiling and flashing It doesn’t get recognized as a usb device anymore. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do? :confused:

Does the proxmark show up when you run lsusb ? I have had this issue in the past when I first attempted to flash the firmware and ended up bricking the PM3. To recover I ended up using this guide here “how to unbrick a pm3 easy” which allowed me to recover the proxmark by using a raspberry pi as a jtag probe.


No, it does not show up. So Ill probably have to try and unbrick it :tired_face:

Update us here when you get it unbricked or if you need help. It has been a while since I fixed mine but I might be able to provide some assistance anyways.

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