Car NFC Card Megathread

I’m going to create this megathread as we appear to have collected a couple of car brands worth of keycard requests.


Finished and on Fidesmo. Homegrown variant of ECDH, built by Slep possibly. Gauss-keycard also built that does the same thing.


In progress. Possibly CCC? Github. We have captures being provided. Limited to one key per car plus a phone key. Built by Dream Security, the underlying digital key app appears to share some code with Kia’s Digital Key.


In progress. Possibly CCC? Github. Waiting for me to go get some captures.


May be possible. Code in Hyundai Digital Key app references Kia. More information needed - iOS seems to support the phone version for some Kia cars.


Post here if you know of, or preferably have, a car with a card to unlock/start. I/we will try and work out if it’s possible to emulate.


Might be useful. List of digital keys in mobile wallets - Wikipedia

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I have been looking at the different cars with key cards and some are just insane!

Is BMW Digital Key free? Yes, it is free for the first year of usage. After the first year, if you want to keep the feature of Digital Key For5, you’ll be charged $88 annually .

and because of this the NFC cards are around $200 used on ebay. So an apex applet for that would be SUPER nice for the people who need it.

I kept looking and found that KIA uses the Hyundai key cards just the same, not even a change of logo or anything. So if a Hyundai key card applet is designed or implant made it should work on the KIA cars as well. But for the KIA cars you must have a wireless charging pad in the car because that is where they register the key cards. This is only available on some trim levels so be sure you have an NFC reader to register a card before you get a card/implant. They don’t include one when you buy the car.

It also looks like you can only have 1 nfc card paired to the ioniq cars, and the reader on the door handle is not the best, so I bet an implant would have a hard time, but the antenna size might be closer to correct by looking at how small the handle if that the reader is in. (must testing needed obiously) This forum thread was very useful and has a number of owners talking about the use of the cards and their limitations.

It’s been crazy reading all of this stuff about other cars key cards, the tesla cards are like $35 for a 2 pack, you can have as many as you want, and they pair to your driver profile. I really hope that other car companies figure out what they are doing and stop thinking of technology in a car as un-needed, some cars even removed the readers in later models, like why?!

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This is not quite correct. It used to be. Originally the digital key for BMW required a particular model of Samsung phone. That then was replaced with only certain Apple phones. Now it will work on some Samsung, Pixel and Apple phones, but only if your vehicle was manufactured after a certain date. I understand BMW moved from digital key v1 to v2. Earlier models had the fearture disabled.

The Key for5 was the ability to sharethe key, so you could have up to five others with their own key to your vehicle. That always had to be purchased from memory. The basic digital key (using the phone) remained free.

In addition to the above they have a physical key card. That card is supplied with the vehicles in some locations (US for example), but has to be purchaed seperately in others (such as Australia). I obtained the key card when BMW disabled access via my Samsung phone.

To make it more complex, a phone based key could be added to a profile and obviously you could have more than one phone based key per vehicle. You can only hae one key card per vehicle though, and not add seperate key cards to each driver profile.

To say it is confusing is an understatement, and in the time it has taken me to post this reply, BMW has likely changed it all around again!

I am not sure if the second hand key cards will work. From what my dealer said, the key card had to be ordered specific for my vehicle using my VIN. It was then paired using the same process for the phone key. If that is true (or if it remains true) then 2nd hand key cards wouldn’t work. I suspect it i (or at least was 18 months ago) true, as I originally attempted to order a key card from a dealer on line in the US, and was advised they couldn’t send it to me as it had to be specific for my vehicle and had to go through my dealership.

But yes, an Apex solution would be simply wonderful.

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What a confusing nightmare! But you did end up getting one and it does work? Like if you had only the card you could unlock and drive away?

Can you dump the info and see anything of interest on it? I’ve heard of dealers doing this whole “we have to order it for you” so they can get a commission or “service charge” so I wonder if it is even really fixed to a specific vin. If it was, why would you still need to pair it separately?

Assuming that the only use case for the Apex is a car key… And that people here are not addicted to getting implants…


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Haha yes if your intent is a car key. I’m loving the use of my Apex as my house, Tesla, and OTP keys. But I can now open my front door with 3 of my implants, a bit overkill for sure! But I do know some people will get into the implant world just for the car stuff, I’ve seen so many car mods and even modded a motorcycle with a friend to work with his xnt.

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Not sure. I read on one of the documents someone else posted (maybe you) about the card generating its own secure crypto key? Maybe that happens during the pairing process.

Yeah, I agree with your dealer comment. The only thing which made me a little suspect was I thought a dealer would take my money and provide the card, especially if they were overseas, rather than send me back to another dealership they presumably had no ties with…

Yes. Works well. Great for the beach, as you don’t need to worry about getting it wet…

I did hear this too from something online.

So, we might need to work that out.


I will DM you the VIN too if you like.

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Not that it likely helps anything, but no one on the BMW forums I visit has purchased an eBay Keycard or a keycard from anywhere but their dealer. So no confirmation if they work or not unfortunately.

If you talk to any of them, maybe ask if they’d be willing to do some helping with R&D? I would be willing to send them an Apex Ring with BMW applet in if it turns out their assistance lead to a solution.

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Will do. Thanks.

They are somewhat unsavvy when it comes to tech though. Mostly older guys who litter the forums with questions like how do I pair my iPhone…

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Anything that would be able to be added based on just the vin would be extremely insecure.

I don’t know if it actually requires the VIN to be honest… Tesla started requiring you to supply VIN numbers to purchase their keycards but it’s just to control sale of the car not necessarily anything to do with how the card is paired with a car.


I’ve heard Tesla has stopped requiring you too give your key card to them when dropping off for service. It goes into service mode based on a geo fence. Makes me wonder if they will keep the cards around or end up requiring only phone key.

Well the premise is that you can set up permissions for the card and give them to valet people or like relatives or whatever… I think their utility extends beyond the Tesla service center.

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They’ve got a universal card that unlocks all cars.

Wow. Just wait till someone cracks that and starts selling it off…


Unlikely. Standards based encryption is used. What he means is their cards are able to be registered with any car, not locked to specific models… he’s not saying there is a universal master key that unlocks any Tesla car. It must be registered first. The encryption used is standards based, so finding a crack for the algorithm is not likely since these types of algorithms have been constantly attacked for decades.

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