Car NFC Card Megathread

Oh it was more like most of the nation 1284x

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I guess that geofencing, service status from a database or menu option, and a speed limiter could be used to limit the abuse of a master key?

And I do hope that they’re using proper encryption instead of the UID…

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There’s no way… I don’t want to believe they’re that stupid

I would like to present, Exhibit A
human race


Rivian too is on the line… only issue is that is difficult obtaining a Rivian key card or Key band at the time.

Key_Band_Activiation_Guide.pdf (179.3 KB)


Have you scanned one with TagInfo to see the chip being used? etc.

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Unfortunately not… In Europe you need to have a special kind of driver’s license to drive a Rivian vehicle and this is the reason why here there are very few order for Rivian cars… it is easier find it in US but searching online it is difficult find one of it.

I’ve got a couple keys. They are desfire chips. We’ve already tried reaching out but the primary designers behind the system aren’t interested. It seems ridiculous to me to force a rivian customer to carry yet another single use wristband or wearable when a rivian key could be programmed onto an Apex ring and be used for payment and vehicle access and so many more things.


so Rivian aren’t as forward thinking as they portray themselves to be…disappointed but also not surprised


So the same thing as Ubiquiti UniFi… But I guess that most companies don’t think about selling to cyborgs.

I think in the Rivian case there are chances to convince them to add in their optionals offering a Rivian branded Apex bracelet/ring… the actual Rivian bracelet comes as standard, it is not an optional… probably they just don’t want that their Java applet could be managed by other wearable companies.

Well they are selling $0.30 cards for $150 so they should look at applet selling as a revenue stream. I even offered such a model. They are just set in their own myopic view like everyone.

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Rivian is kinda scary bad at things. They recalled HALF of their 2022 vehicles in one recall.

Scary that a single fastener could lead to the loss of an entire wheel… but I guess that’s what the axel nut is for on all cars… but those are typically staked so they can’t loosen… at least not completely. Anyway it’s annoying with regard to the key situation.

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I was sure key card and key band were standard device and not optionals… a replacement key card seems to cost 270$… out of any logic

Yeah they are desfire but like so many other RFID technology implementers, they are using the security features of that transponder to lock their customers in. They set keys at the factory and create secure applications on the card so that only those cards will work with the cars. That’s how they can sell you a $0.30 RFID transponder for $270.

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It’s even worse than that. It is the nut that holds the steering knuckle to the upper control arm which unlike a axle nut isn’t normally castellated and pinned. What it comes down to is the factory not properly torquing down said nut.

edit: I forgot to mention why it is worse. Normally if you have a wheel fall off you still have somewhat predictable control of the vehicle but when the wheel just falls outwards while still being attached can cause unpredictable behavior which can include loss of control especially at high speeds.


Could Tesla disable in some way the VivoKey Tesla Nak applet to stop the pairing of VivoKey Apex based devices with Tesla vehicles without affecting also their official applet and so the official Tesla key cards from pairing?

Technically yes it’s possible but unlikely.