Car unlock and ignition advice

Do you know if the xEM is compatible with that easyguard? Thats what i was looki g to put in mu car, but i read of a lot of people having scanning issues with a variety of things. I want to be careful!

It sure is, xEM or NExT will do the job for it. It’s range is kinda small (won’t read through a window) but i get reliable reads every time.

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As @Compgeek said above, it reads but the range is absolutely abysmal. 1 millimeter max without skin in the way.

I just ordered an NExT, I plan on ordering that easyguard soon to work with it. I was planning on putting it IN my dash. Would it read through that thin plastic? Or would i have to stick it to the putside or something?

Did you ever figure out a good way to unlock the car via implant? It seems like that’ll be the most challenging part, and I don’t know a whole lot about car electronics. I’m getting prepared to learn though!

For the dash placement, it depends on the thickness of the plastic. I can’t test properly because my next isn’t in yet but I’ll go test with the field detector and edit this in a minute. *edit

As for unlocking the car, I was going to scan the easyguard through the windshield and program an Arduino to detect when it beeps and flip a relay,shorting the contacts of the unlock button in the door.
Now that I’ve discovered the range issue I’m planning on replicating the easyguard module from scratch with an Arduino nano, Arduino relay modules, and a pn532 or the xAC v2. Then I can program the Arduino to replicate what the easyguard does and add on the relay to the unlock button as well.

Once I finish making it I’d be happy to make a little tutorial for you and others!
It’s a little intimidating when you first look under the panels but once you figure it out it’s not too bad.

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Whats the difference between using an arduino and a reader, and just using the xEM access controller? I have two of the access controllers coming in the mail with my NExT, but I keep seeing people talk about using something like the pn532 and an arduino. Very confusing to someone who doesnt know much.

If I use the xEM access controller: It flips one relay and activates something instantly, and then stops. and the same thing the next time. For example, I could use that alone for the door lock. read… send unlock for 5 sec. read… send unlock for 5 sec. the problem is that it only activates the one output. the same one every time and it’s kinda simple. It’s great if you just need to push a button like a garage opener or unlock a door for a few seconds but it doesn’t work for more complex stuff.

With an Arduino and a pn532: the reader reads the tag and tells the Arduino the id number. I can then program the Arduino myself to do whatever I want. For example, I can tell the Arduino to send an unlock signal through a relay when a valid id number is received and wait for a button, then when I push start: activate the car’s ignition and run the starter for as long as the button is held. when the button is pressed again: turn off the car’s ignition and wait 90 seconds before sending lock signal and resetting.

Think of it like this:

  • xEM access controller is like pushing a button when it reads your tag.

  • Arduino with a reader is like running a simple computer program when your tag is scanned. And then maybe sending signals to other devices connected to it.

Let me know if I confused you or wasn’t very clear

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That was very helpful! How difficult is it to set up a pn532 and arduino? I’ve also heard it’s difficult to find a “real” pn532. That sounds like it’d be a much better set up than what I initially had in mind! Does that drain the battery at all? To be clear, that set up would remove the need to have the antenna that comes with the push start?

This is a great question. The PN532 should just plug right in to some of the pins on the arduino but coding the arduino to do what you want is the hard part. This will be my first time messing with it but i have taken a highschool class on coding this past year so i have an idea of what im doing(will probably be a lot of googling still).

Im not sure what that’s about… my plan was just to order one from amazon if i choose to use it
after looking at it though… this^ might make me look a bit harder for the ‘real’ one…

Unless you add in a separate USB battery bank, yes. Im not sure how much because this is still just a plan and not tested but i don’t think it will be too bad considering that the battery recharges via the alternator whenever the car is running. worst comes to worse, ill add a separate battery just for this

Yes. It would actually not use the push start at all. If the plan goes smoothly, the arduino should do everything that the push start was supposed to. the only thing i might reuse from the push start is the button because it looks nice.

the problem with reusing the rest of the push start is

  1. the arduino can be coded to do every thing the push start used to with the help of some relays (i think) so why keep it?
  2. without the antenna, there is no good way to tell the rest of the push start to do its thing. and replacing the antenna with our own would require much more knowledge than i have.
  3. making it yourself is more fun, at least i think so

again stop me if i missed something or if im just wrong on something lol

From my understanding, that review was posted by “turbo2ltr”. He’s a regular here, and you can find the thread where he talks about the review fairly easily. Finding a real pn532, however, i have no idea how to do. Amal usually sells them, I believe, but is all sold out for now.
With using the button, I’ll prolly just buy a button in its own then. If i choose to go with the arduino. I’m going to college soon, and am taking a programming class. I was hoping to get skme experience with that through the implant some how. So it seems like the perfect move. I have some experience with coding, and something like that shouldnt be too many lines of code.

Just out of curiosity, where do you plan on putting the pn532? I was planning on taking out my side mirror and putting whatever reader/antenna in there. It’d be perfect for a chip in the left hand!

Well in that case @turbo2ltr where would you recommend getting a good pn532?

And @Vicarious you posted in my other thread saying you had one that read through your windshield, where did you get it?

Same actually, I’m off to RIT. You?
And as for where, maybe the wing mirror, maybe behind the windshield, I’ll see how wiring works out.

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Im headed to ouachita baptist! I’m going for sports and physics. Im trying to get this chip in asap so i dont have to worry abt it with my sport.

Yes that is my Amazon review.
Main thread is here Success! PN532 is not easy to work with!

If Amal doesn’t have them, I don’t know have a good source for them, though I would assume these are real as they are the original manufacturer (as far as I know, but I could be wrong):

Well, it certainly gets more expensive than amazon knockoffs when you add shipping: $21.
Still better than the other options though, xEM AC is $24 and an ID-12A is almost $30.

This project is getting very expensive… Should i grab 2? just in case i need another one for something?

Previously I ordered the PN532 NFC modules from DT when they were still in stock… or from

welp, that seems to confirm the source for these. I’ll grab one soon and report back when shipping arrives

Do the pn532s only work for the xNT? Can I hook the xEM access controller to the arduino to do the same thing?

I believe the pn532 works with a couple of other hf implants as well.

Yes you could use the access controller to trigger the Arduino but Im not going to for two reasons,

  1. I want to use the access controller elsewhere
  2. I think the access controller would be far easier to hotwire if someone got in by breaking a window or such

Well, imma have two of the suckers, so I’ll likely go that route. How would it be easier to hotwire? Don’t most newer vehicles have precautions for that sort of thing? I also think it’d be difficult to use it to hotwire where I’d like to place it.
How would some random guy even know how to use the xEM access controller to hotwire? I don’t think your average person who’s trying to steal a car would know what the device is, much less use it to their advantage.