Chip compatibility matrix - Google Sheets

Looking at getting a m1 chip… just need to bite the bullet and complete checkout, looks like it wont be able to get insalled for a few months. Got the schlage lockset for my grandparents front door, they struggle with dexterity with a key and battle the shakes.

Honestly you won’t regret it. The more things that work with it the better it gets.
It just becomes part of you and who you are.

My only regret is lack of hand real estate left, want the m1 in r0 next to my hf red xled.

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Stupid little question - if something works with the NExT, it should totally be working with the HF-part of the flexNExT, too, right? Because the flexNExT is only listed under LF, what makes me slightly unsure about that… and I’m a complete noob in the area of frequencies :smiley:

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I must have stuffed something up, I just checked it, and yes I made an omission, I will sort it out when I am on a PC.

Thanks for the heads up :+1:


Done :wink:


You’re welcome - thanks for the info, and for all the work you put into that sheet! Super helpful thing, really! I’m still at the very beginning of my learning curve, so I just wanted to be super-sure before I buy a door lock and don’t get into my house afterwards :smile:

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That’s what happens when spreadsheets are used as databases :wink:

Yeah, I am VERY conscious of that, It took me an embarrassingly VERY long time to go through and shrinkify all the images. VERY long…
With no images I think we would have much less lag.
Hopefully it is just a stop gap until we get a more permanent solution in place.

Howdy Id like to submit something to be added to the spreadsheet
the paxton p38 access system:
it works with the xm1 and by association the flexMT and flexM1
image for reference:

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Now I’m slightly irritated - I wrote a mail to DOM to ask them some questions, including if my flexNExT would work on the ENiQ-Lock… (sent them the specifications of both chips, not just a link to the flexNExT^^). They were surprisingliy well informed, even wrote that questions like these are not unusual nowadays, but they wrote that their lock works with Mifare DESfire EV2 or Mifare Classic only… That’s different from what’s in the compatibility matrix, or I am mixing up chiptypes in my brain again.

Newer firmware maybe?

Maybe, yes… I’m asking them about the ELS Pro (which works on 125KHz) now, let’s see what that brings up

Eniq as in these ones?

Did you change it?

Nope, sorry - it’s about the door lock

And I didn’t change it, for I was not able to try it out myself - after all, even someone from the company itself could be wrong. If they tell me that the other lock, the ELS, might work with the LF-part of my implant, I will go to a shop and try it out - if possible, I’ll try out the ENiQ as well, so we can be sure about that afterwards.