Chippin' In! (First implant installed- NExT)

I just had my NExT installed last night! I was able to mess around with it for a little bit before my hand started to swell. I didn’t believe it when reading other posts or seeing videos about the installation process stating that it didn’t hurt (Partly because it’s a decent sized needle, biggest I’ve had injected to date anyway. Also because everyone I showed the needle to said something along the lines of “that’s going to hurt a lot”.), but it honestly didn’t. I put a lidocaine patch on my hand for about 2-3 hours before the injection. I felt the skin break, then it was a weird, but not painful feeling, then it was over. I’m honestly glad I did it and I can’t wait to find some more uses for my NExT. For those of you that have an NExT, I’m curious as to what you use it for if you don’t mind sharing. It was suggested to me to get the PM3 Easy or the XAC, but I lack the knowledge on what those could be used for (even after reading the product descriptions).


Some pictures for those interested. The first is after I removed the band aid, the second is after a much needed clean up on my hand from the left over adhesive.



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Welcome to the crew, the NeXT is a great choice for a first implant! I can personally vouch for the PM3 easy, it’s a nice tool to have even you do not have implants. Keep in mind this first 3-4 weeks of trying to read the NeXT can be hit or miss, it may move around a bit before getting settled in.

You’ll find this forum and the company it keeps very knowledgeable on just about any question you may have, as well as the vast information stored here, feel free to read up and get learnt



Congrats on the install! For my NExT, I use the DT keyboard reader to log in to my machine every day (and for my sudo password multiple times an hour).

I also converted my little personal safe to open with my NExT, which I posted about here:

For a while, albeit not currently, I also used it to start my car:

For the data side of things, my NExT stores my vCard contact info, for easily sharing with others. Just tap my hand to a compatible phone (mainly Android phones), and bam, my contact info is in their phone.

I’ve also used it to store my website link in the past, but now that’s on my xSIID.



I appreciate the warm welcome and recommendation! I will definitely have to do my homework, just trying to figure out where to start. This forum definitely seems like a great resource though!

That’s awesome! Thank you for sharing!

Anyway that you’re aware of to prevent the chip from moving around too much?

i hope this is what you were going for with that title - because now it is stuck in my head.

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Haha, I believe he was referencing the song Chippin’ In, which is a big part of Cyberpunk 2077 (the song is by a fictional band that’s central to the plot)


Unfortunately no, @darthdomo is correct. I thought the meaning of the term “Chipping In” (Getting your first implant in Cyberpunk) was fitting for this occasion.