Cloning Apartment Fob

I am trying to clone my apartment fob and need advice on the right equipment to use (preferably low cost). I believe that I have the Farpointe PSK3 Tag but that looks identical to Farpointe’s DK1-3 and Farpointe’s DK4-3 so I am not completely sure. Does anyone know how I can definitely determine which brand I have? And does the brand differ what equipment I can use? I was looking at a 125 Khz RFID Reader/Writer and was wondering if that would work for me. Any tips and advice are greatly appreciated.

As far as determining which one you have, see if you can scan your fob with your phone using something like NFC tools. Looks like only the PSK3 is a LF tag, and that the other two are HF.

If it can’t be scanned with your phone, it’s likely that you can use this thread to get all the info you need on both the hardware and process of cloning your apartment tag.

If it does scan with the phone app, You may or may not be able to clone it to your hand without a ProxMark, as the reader is likely just using the key off the tag, and not an actual record stored on it.But that’s not anything I’ve messed with yet, so I’ll leave that to the people here who actually know what they’re talking about.

EDIT: Here’s a list of tested phones we know work with the implants

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