Cloning HID iClass DY

Hi, I ordered my NeXT implant right now.

I have been googling around for how to clone my student ID. I ordered a 125 khz cloner, but it didn’t work with HID.

I haven’t been able to find any specific cloners for HID iClass DY, is anyone able to help me out? Please, I’d really appreciate it.

I can certainly try.

What cloner did you order specifically (link)
Is it definitely 125kHz, can you provide a link to the card( I found a few HID iClass in 13.56 and only 2 in 125kHz or as optional, I didn’t find the DY reference though)
Are you able to talk with the system admin to get info? if not, no stress there are still things for you to try.

When you scan you NExT on the access reader, do you get a light or beep?
This will just tell us if it is being “seen”
With your order, you should have received a

  • 125kHz X Field Detector
  • 13.56MHz X Field Detector
  • RFID Diagnostic Card
    if you haven’t yet, try these on the readers.

The diagnostic card will confirm what we are dealing with (there is a possibility it could light up both, but we will deal with that if we need to.)
Remember orientation is important for the xField detector, it will be at its brightest at the sweet spot(s)… this is how you should orient you NExT when you are at that stage.

Answer what you can for now and myself or somebody else will, help you through the next stage.

Hi @Pilgrimsmaster !

Thanks for taking the time. My diagnositic card states that the HID Reader SE is a HF reader.

I guess I couldn’t clone with the 125 khz because I needed the 13.56 khz.

However, I also can’t use NFC to read either. From my research, it seems that iclass cards only read from specific receivers.

Is there a way to handle this without dropping over a hundred dollars? That’s the price of all the ones I find

Are you using TagInfo app?
It absolutely should read your HID iClass SE Access card and your NExT (NFC) no problems.

If not, we need to look at your:
NExT placement
Your make and model of phone
check out this for known compatiblity
and / or research you phones make and model NFC antenna placement.

BRIEFLY let me know if you need more guidance)
Phone cover off
NFC on
Screen on
Open TagInfo app
Tap your access card on the back of your phone it should read easily
Clear the data
Now your NExT
Move phone slowly over implant area in different orientations.

Alternatively you can use your diagnostic tools you would have recieved with your NExT order (xField detector RFID diagnostic card)
You really only need the xField detector for this but Diagnostic card helpful also.
Find the brightest LED position and orientation(s) then try to scan your NExT again over that position in the same orientation.

That all being said… Can you confirm it is implanted and not still in the needle (people have tried before) :syringe: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

I’m in the same boat as the OP but TagInfo doesn’t read my iClass card at all.

So, I believe it CAN work but MAY NOT work by default.
I think there are a variety of iClass, so will probably depend on which one YOU are dealing with.

Let me find the post where Amal explains it better than I could…

Here it is, Might be worth reading the WHOLE post, Preview below…

BUT that doesn’t explain why TagInfo can’t read your card, it is still
13.56 + NFC + ISO14443A
Unless yours is actually 125kHz, but in saying that, and I’m not 100% on this!!! I think maybe only their old cards were 125kHz, and their newer ones are ALL??? 13.56MHz with optional 125kHZ

Maybe somebody else can answer that for you

I am also in the same boat as jersey however I was able to get my iClass DY badge to read with my proxmark rdv4 updated to the latest master build (not Iceman repo).

My question now is is there a DT implant that can act like an iClass HID chip?

i have an NeXT and xSiid.