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I am hoping to send a chip in for Satur9’s CoM conversion, as I am based in the U.S. and it seems to be the current best option for a payment implant. My bank recently switched to tap-to-pay debit cards, and after reviewing the conversion product listing, Amal’s video, and doing a quick search on identifying CoM chips, I was fairly confident that my current card had one— so I opened another account and acquired another card.

This is the chip before melting:

The accessory contact pads seem to indicate that this is a CoM card (I hope?). The card melted in the acetone without issue and gently agitating the vessel easily separated the chip from the copper antennas.

This is where I need help— I removed and dried the chip and treated it as delicately as I could, but once I inspected it under a magnifying glass I got a bit worried. What are these black specks? Is that part of the card design, dirt/residual plastic, or did I break something already?

The chip after melting:

I should also note that I am only displaying on the metal tweezers to get a good picture— I did not touch the chip with anything but my fingers, and tried to handle as minimally as possible.

Thanks in advance for any advice! <3 I have not yet purchased the actual conversion package so I want to make sure everything is OK before proceeding.

You da best.
— lem0n

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The black specks are probably just glue and other detritus. Even though it is very difficult to get a read with just the module, it should still be readable on your phone without any case. If it reads, it’s good.


Okay, phew— That would have been an embarrassing conversation at the bank.

Unfortunately I don’t have any digital wallets set up, but I will look for another way to test it before proceeding. :thinking:

Thank you!

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Try reading it with your phone using taginfo