Compatibility with HF ring/implant

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Trying to determine the best path forward here. We have a brand new FlexIP Flexi Panel system from Sonitrol (docs). We have up until recently had all LF HID Prox credentials. A few of our folks have been buying either the Magic Ring or NExT implant. No problem using that with this panel on the LF HID Prox readers.

The problem is that Sonitrol has started replacing any readers that need replacement with HID multiclass (dual frequency) readers. This still works okay with the rings, because there is enough physical separation where you can control if you are going to present the HF or LF side to the reader. The problem is with the NExT implant. The reader is always reading the HF portion of the implant. It never reads the LF, despite attempts to be careful about placement near the LF section of the reader.

Has anyone run into anything like this before? Also, does anyone know or can anyone make a determination from the above documentation if it would be possible to program the HF side of the implant into the system?

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Additional documentation just found seems to indicate that the panel can do iCLASS, but that would not be compatible with the Magic Ring or the NExT, correct?

Not this specific brand, but yes with a multiclass reader.

I would get a 50:50 read on my NExT, but with some trial and error I found the best way to approach the reader which then became 100% reliable.
Generally LF will have better range so the odds are already in you favour, but for my example, I found that rather than simply presenting to the reader I would approach from the side and swipe across the face like this

( Not the one I used this technique on )

Of course this will depend on the antenna layouts on yours also.

I didn’t have time to dive deep into the docs, I skimmed the contents and ctrl + f to search for some key words, I came up empty, that is not to say it won’t, but I think the best thing would to try, also the Magic ring, because if that works, you have opened up xM1, FlexM1 etc. and with the flex, you have improved the range.

The documentation appeared to just be hardware, which is why I think my search came up dry, so what you are hoping for is the hardware side is agnostic and the Software side is simply looking for a UID, and if it uses something like a generic ISO14443A, most of the implants /rings stocked by DT, should work.

Correct…except for the above possibility also

Not a great answer sorry, but I hope it helps nonetheless

Thanks for the tips! We’ll do some more testing… :slight_smile: