Compatible phone for newbie

Hi guys!

Just invested in the ultron bundle and need some advice on cheapest suitable phones as I currently use an iPhone 11…

I was looking at a few phones like the Samsung galaxy a51 as the phone I buy would be Strickly for my chips.

Should note I am in Australia.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Josh!

Fellow Aussie with an iPhone here, welcome to the forums!

The best phone to get stared with is the one you have, iOS has gotten a lot better with NFC in recent years - about the only things we can’t do are format tags (your NExT comes preformatted) and set up Vivokey products.

I’ve been using NFC Tools on my iPhone 11 Pro, and just borrowing my brothers android when I want to change settings on my Spark 2 - honestly I don’t see Vivokey authentication as being that useful with its limited support, certainly not enough to change phones.

You may find yourself eventually wanting an Android for specific things, but to get started you’ve got the right stuff!


Thanks heaps for the prompt reply! That’s really good to know, so the spark would be the only one that would really need the android phone?
Probably a dumb question to, but when it comes to linking the chip to a certain nfc lock or similar can that still be done through the iPhone or would that require a proper scanner.
Sorry for my dumb downed talk as I don’t know the correct terminology :joy:
Don’t exactly know anyone in person that could show me in person so YouTube/ here is the best place I could find

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Lock enrollment is done by the lock itself, the method depends on the lock. You are basically just telling the lock “see this tag, open if you see this tag” :slight_smile:


@Compgeek is correct, when it comes time to step away from the dark side and into the shadow, you can check out this phone compatibility wiki


If you were in Melbourne I’d say to come and have a drink and a chat when the bars open again!

Basically, yes - the spark is all that you’d need an android for, then once it’s set up you only need it if you’re using the ‘advanced’ crypto functions. If you set up on android to give your contact info, it’ll still work on your iPhone (you’d just need to use android to update it)

@leumas95 is right, most of the time you aren’t programming your implant for the lock, your ‘teaching’ the lock what your implants unique code is - usually you don’t need a phone at all for this. If you want to clone a work badge it gets more complicated if work won’t add your implant to their system (needs special hardware, a phone won’t do this) but for anything personal (home locks, car immobilisers, computer login, etc) you won’t find an iPhone limits you much


To be clear cloning is not really possible with either of the HF chips in the Ultron bundle. But definitely applies to the LF side of the
NExT (t5577 chip).