Complete newbie wannabe a Cyborg

Cheers M8

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Firstly, welcome to the forum! Another Aussie here :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll try to work through your questions bit by bit, but do ask for clarification:

What is ‘relevant infos’, and who do you expect to be able to access said info? Should this be very easy to read / doable from any phone?

I do not believe that this is currently possible, at the very least without jailbreaking your iPhone (not sure it works even then, but that would be about the only way it might happen).

What operating system? And how much do you care about true security vs ease of use? Are you willing to change your main password in order to make this happen?

What car do you have? Unless you have a Tesla which supports the valet RFID cards, this will require modification to get it working if it is even possible. Generally it will also reduce the overall security of the car, making it easier to hotwire etc.

Currently, you need to get a conversion (take an existing wearable payment device and get it coated suitable for implantation), and in Australia there is really only one option at the moment: the Westpac PayWear. Take a look at the payment conversion page for more info. Note that these expire just like standard contactless payment cards, a friend of mine has one that expires somewhere between 4 and 5 years from activation date. After this, the implant is still ok to be in your body, it just would not work for payment and would need to be replaced with a newly activated conversion.

There is the upcoming Apex flex implant which has payment capabilities, but it is not enabled since it requires the approval of Mastercard or Visa. Once (if) that has happened, then banks need to work with Fidesmo to link the implant to the bank account. There are no Australian banks supporting this right now, but it might happen in the future.

(Mastercard and Visa don’t particularly like implants so we’re all uncertain about the future, but attempts are being made with various avenues, like the walletmor in the EU)

What would you like to use your magnet for? The Titan is designed for sensing magnetic and electromagnetic fields, whereas the xG3 v2 is designed for lifting. If you’re planning to play with it with paperclips and other small magnets, the xG3 is probably better especially since its easier to install.

Have you shown them the various types of implants? Do they have any experience? Whereabouts in Australia are you located? Not all implants and not all implant locations are alike. Generally glass implants (xSeries) aren’t too hard to install, as they come preloaded in an injector, whereas flex implants are more difficult, requiring anything from a large needle to scalpel and dermal elevator installation with stitches.

That depends on what your desired use case is. For simple things, a smartphone might be more than enough, though generally iPhones are more limited than Android smartphones. A bit more info will help us narrow down suitable accessories.

I’m sure this is a bit overwhelming, but I hope that’s at least a start :slight_smile:


What is so funny about this? I don’t think anyone really cares about age here. I do know that at least one person is young enough that they might not be legally allowed to drink, and there are definitely other Gen-X people here too.

Surely the correct answer would be The Cyborg Transformation Kit. :rofl:

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I know multiple :rofl: especially if you take US laws into account. Hell, it’s not legal for me to drink in the US, but I’m of legal age here. Some countries in Europe have even lower drinking ages, at least for the ‘weaker’ things like beer and wine.

Hope not… the NExT is better in many ways, unless you desparately need the slight increase in range or the added positioning flexibility to put the xEM next to a different HF implant

Exactly, I started giving up underage drinking when I was 16 (beer, wine or cider with a meal in a restaurant in Scotland) and had completely given it up a couple of years later.

As for the kit, no, I would think a payment conversion, a Titan, and probably look at exactly what other situations could use. (Ideally something like an Apex for logging in, and something else depending on the “car” solution, door locks and any work related authentication options.)

It was more a comment about the name.

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There are most definitely multiple of us :smile: see Any other young people?

We have a few topics on this and you have a few options like the SImpleAC for high frequency made by @Chimpofm or even just using the xEM AC with LF like I did here or making your own AC with a PN532 and an arduino etc.

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Wow!!! Take me weeks not to find such detailed response to my questions! Excellent, the magnet is just for a bit of fun, the gadgets I refer to are all the stuff included in some of the DT packages…. T HD and you very much for using small words and not too many acronyms… my GP has sent all the stuff I propose the implant he is a surgeon too and seems confident, he has been my go for 10 years so no trust issues in his capacities. Payment would have been good but not to worry, car is Mazda but don’t want to fiddle with it, OS on laptop is windows 10 soon to be 11…. Apple shits me with all their restrictions ! Information will be health details and such, like most I see this as a lifestyle gadget so opening doors and logging url’s doors etc is plenty, too bad the north indicating implant is no longer available…

Yeah Gen X rule but I have 3 twenty years old daughters who look at me like a mad man when the implant subject is brought on, telling me it’s only for millennials Pffffft I say :blush:

Ok so Cyborg kit and xG3 !!! Woohoo gonna show those kids :blush: thank you all for your help….

I would probably reconsider the cyborg kit… the NExT + access kit might be a better option

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I am on Gold Coast btw

……:man_facepalming:….ok :blush:

Oh nice, I’m in Brisbane :slight_smile: - if your installer can do larger flexes I’d love a referral sometime :eyes:

Also depending on the doors, you might need a different implant. Not every implant works with every door lock supporting RFID access.

Also if you want longer range / easier to read with various phones, you might want to consider flex implants. Not all phones can easily read glass implants, so if you want others to read them, that could be an issue.

Also for the xG3, you likely want the xG3 V2 rather than the xG3 V1. The xG3 V2 is much much stronger, and much better at lifting things. The V1 is a lot weaker, and potentially better at sensing but some people report that the xG3 V2 has similar sensing performance to the V1


I’m 20! Come on US… Why are we like this?



Where to put it ? Pinky or palm side?

Which implant sorry? Also is pinky referring to knives edge?

Simon is great let me see how he goes on me I will keep you in the loop

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This will definitely help if you haven’t already seen it:

I would recommend position 0 for an NFC/RFID implant, and position 5 for an xG3 v2 if you decide to get one.

I figure it’s worth explaining why this is true. The NExT is a combination of the xEM and xNT chips put inside a single implant. The main benefit is obviously that you only have to do one injection instead of two. You would likely have a slightly better read range with the xEM/xNT then you would with the NExT, but it’s definitely not enough to justify implanting them seperately.

Like Don said, unlocking an iPhone with NFC isn’t possible, but your laptop definitely is. If you get a KBR1 (which comes with the NExT + access kit :eyes:), you can easily scan your hand to unlock your laptop. It acts as a standard USB keyboard when plugged in, and types out the ID of any HF (NFC) chip it scans. I personally set my laptop pin to my NExT’s UID, and have a backup password in case I don’t have the KBR1 with me.

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@ToroDeFuego You’ll get all the patient help you need here so don’t worry. My suggestion would be to do the hard thing and give it just a little bit of time to talk it out and be sure of what you want before you buy. Sometimes we see people impulse buy real quick and then they’re disappointed that it doesn’t do what they hoped for. Not saying a long time but just ask as many questions as you can think of even if they seem silly then you’ll feel good that you got what you needed. Everyone is here to help. Use them!