Any other young people?


Now I am almost positive I’m not the first but I believe I am one of few to have the xNT At 17.
Just curious if anyone else around here is new to biohacking and under 18? It took me around 2-3 years to convince my mom to let me get the chip and she doesn’t seem too bothered that I have it now. I had a nurse at my moms doctors office volunteer to do it to ensure proper aseptic procedures were taken care of.

It is definitely something I’m really glad that I did because I use it as a virtual business card which is lovely and now that I’ve had it for about two weeks my mother is very intrigued with all the things I’ve done and said she would’ve let me gotten it sooner had she realized how harmless and simple it was.

Anyone else near this age have similar situations to share?


Make sure you follow all local laws in terms of installation/bodymod laws and age.

I’d say honestly “underage” biohacking is asking for issues in terms of legality. You’re still growing also and might be opportunity for issue.

Honestly if you can wait I’d just wait. Yeah it’s cool tech and yeah it sucks to have to wait but it’s worth it for making sure it’s done proper.


Yeah, I get the sentiment, but I don’t agree.

Underage implanting is a legal grey area, but so is alot of what we do. There’s a consistent thread of discouraging young people in the biohacking community. If we all say “You shouldn’t practice biohacking and your opinion is not valid until you’re 18” then we give up on the opportunity cost of all that time a teenager could be immersed in the space and we stifle innovation.

I’m significantly older than the OP, but I still think he should be able to make informed decisions about his body. It’s just a small cylinder of glass that countless tests have proven safe. Maybe if you’re 15 you shouldn’t be experimenting with untested implants, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Sorry for the rant. Your statement was perfectly reasonable, I just heard the echoes of past posts in the way you worded it.


“your opinion is not valid until you’re 18”

I would like to clarify I don’t support this or believe this is correct. As an example, when i was 17 i needed to move out due to external circumstances and found it almost impossible to find an apartment due to age even with the cash to hand. Ended up finding a family who let me pay rent in cash until I was 18 and then i formally rented a place.

Say a 16 year old gets hurt whilst biohacking it could cause a lot of unwanted media coverage even if it’s only their fault. I know a lot of, if not all certified piercers won’t touch people under 18 even with parental permission due to this gray area.


I’ve actually already had it implanted. But even if something had gone wrong it would’ve never reached media simply because my family is so private with things of the such.


But I do 100% understand where you’re coming from


Sorry for putting words in your mouth. I wasn’t being critical of you personally, I just hear people say things like “just wait” and “making sure it’s done proper” often and it hits a sore spot for me. For every person who shares an opinion there are 100 who were silent and all that.

I think there’s quite a few younger biohackers on here. Here’s a post from last year about a similar topic:
Youngest to get implant


I have! Did an xNT at 16 (well technically at about 11:30 on my 17th birthday) and did my xEM a few months ago. I’m 17 right now.


Heck yeah man


We chip pets at an early age when they will still grow … what would be the problem ? I heard the implants for pets are made of a different type of glass that attaches itself to the flesh as opposed to the human implants that have a type of glass that is designed to NOT attach itself to flesh.


This is correct. Due to the differences in dermis layers between pets and humans, pet implants typically have an anti-migration coating that allows it to be “gripped” by the fascia. The human ones don’t have this coating because we typically don’t need it, and it makes it easier to remove if needed.


only the xBT has this coating :slight_smile: from Dangerous Things / Digiwell


I personally installed an xNT into a 13yo with parents standing next to me. It was kind of strange… they didn’t even bother asking me anything… but the kid was so excited I think he probably talked their ears off about it until they just caved.


Holy shit 13? That’s got to be a new record. Kinda surprised parents signed a consent form at that age tbh


No consent form… I video recorded them approving and standing there while I did it.