Concerns of the potential of a potential embolism

Hi, recently i purchased a NExT implant and am going to be implanting it with the help of a friend within the next 2 weeks. (Both me and my friend have training with aseptic technique my friend also is experienced with preforming injections) I have consulted multiple medical professionals about the risk and the main one was sterilisation of the implant, Im fairly confident this is done to an acceptable standard as Im aware of ethylene oxide being used in the sterilisation of breast implants as well.

(the main point)
The only other thing was the admit-ably low risk of an embolism or accidentally injecting the chip into a vein / blood vessel Im implanting into location 0 (The triangle tissue between the metacarpal bones of the thumb and index finger) and on my hands the tag will essentially be injected just above one of my veins.
I am told that a 2mm diameter object could fit through and potentially be sucked through likely getting stuck at some point causing damage to the cardiovascular system.

(finally the actual question)
So my question is has anyone ever had or heard of an incident of this happening additionally, any tips other then tenting the skin to avoid the chance of hitting the vein at all?

Thank you for reading, i appreciate any help you can offer.

I remember one person on this forum saying it happened to them and that the chip traveled along way, got stuck and never caused an issue after that. I don’t think there ever was any medical evidence of any of it and I can’t find the thread.
It’s almost impossible if you install correctly though. Pinch & poke with the needle parallel to the skin. After breaking through the skin there shouldn’t be any changes in the force required and there shouldn’t be a large amount of blood either
If you’re really worried about veins you could locate, mark them and avoid them. Maybe use one of those vein viewers.

I found it, judge by yourself:


Oh wow, thank you very much for this I just told the doctor who originally warned me of this (fyi he is my dad lol) and he was very surprised to hear it had happened, he says a similar thing if you pull the syringe back and theres blood your in a vein. I have just mapped out my veins and where ill be installing the implant and i should be able to avoid it. Thank you so much for your help i really appreciate it


Phlebotomist here, just ensure that you mark and tent properly. The tenting will lift your skin away from your veins, and as long as you go at a shallow angle you likely won’t touch a vein. For butterfly needles we go at about a 10° angle and straight needles is at least 10° angle for context. You won’t be able to draw back with the “syringe” because it’s not really a syringe, it’s more of an injector that will not hold fluid like that(or even create a vacuum to draw blood with anyways)

Adding on: you would also feel two pokes if you got into a vein, one for the skin, and one for the vein wall. If you suspect you’re in a vein, back the needle back a bit(not all the way, if you do your procedure is over and you must get it resterilized) if you were in a vein you would see a hematoma(bruise) begin to form very quickly due to the shear size of the needle being used




Ah thank you (I apologise I am dyslexic) will correct now!


Thank you for taking the time to comment, really appreciate this info its very helpful!

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I avtually have one for you.

Why not ask your dad to do it?


dw, you were just correcting me not an arsehole; please do correct me as it does help me improve!
As for that my dad doesn’t seem to be opposed to it Ive spoken to him about it many times now but he said he doesn’t want to be apart of it though. I think its either cause of the legal grey area the procedure is and in the event it does go wrong he could loose his medical license, the other thing is my mum is heavily against it cause of (in my opinion) non sensical religious and ethical reasons also she’s also a doctor and does not trust the legitimacy of these implants. Kinda sucks though cause it’d be great as my dad used to use big needles a lot so he would be perfect.


You’re contradicting yourself :wink::joy:

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Just an update, attempted the procedure tonight and unfortunately due to a previous injury on my hand my skins super tight so it was difficult to tent it properly and my friend was able to get the head of the needle in before loosing grip and had to remove the needle to avoid jamming it straight trough my hand, arguably considering the needle hadn’t touched anything else we could’ve just kept going with the procedure but i decided not to risk it. In future ill get a proper set of sterilised tools to tent the skin to avoid this happening.
Anyway do you think its worth asking to see if i could get a discount on a replacement?

Go to a professional body mod artist who can sterilize the implant and do the job properly. They might even be able to reuse the injector assembly if they happen to have an autoclave with a plastics setting.

It’s also possible to install an x series implant with a piercing needle and a tapper. But again, go to a professional.


What enginerd said ^^
Also DT has a sterilization service, but it would be faster to get it autoclaved at a piercer before they install it.

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Body piercers will not be able to sterilize a magnet properly. If the autoclave it, the heat will destroy the magnet. I don’t know of any body piercers that have plasma sterilization systems or other low temperature options like EO gas. This is why we purchase our own purchase our own gas plasma sterilizer so we could sterilize flex and magnet implants ourselves in the lab.


Why would a bio-chip implants cause embolism? I know about silicone implants or injections can cause a rare complication called silicone embolism syndrome Silicone embolism syndrome: Meaning, symptoms, treatment, and more the bio-chip implants won’t be entering the blood vessels anyway after or before injections. I did my bio-chip implants myself since both of my parents are in medical field they taught us few tricks. Also I got a lot of injection in hospitals but never injected myself such a huge injections that’s why people seem to be worried too.

The concern was that it would be injected into the blood vessel accidentally during the procedure, which supposedly has happened a couple of time before.

very interesting the chip implants itself is very huge etc. unless you are 6’5 or 7’0 build and have very huge blood vessel I see it entering your blood vessels. And also we got instruction here how to do it properly to avoid accidents like that.