My lung implant :)

Hello people of the internet

I am a man who like to live free. I love running and swimming and loved the idea of being able to do those bare handed. That brought me to you!

My father was murdered, shot at the heart in the surgical room of his own hospital while he was performing a surgery, in 1996, I was 10. I inherited the hospital and the avoidance of the health society in my small town close to Rio de Janeiro.

I wanted the flex chip, but I thought the injected one would make it easier to do by myself, as I didn’t want to be news in my small town. I completely understand the risks I took from it. And after several broken bones and stitches from skateboards and BMXs, who would imagine that little dangerous thing could harm?

Like it wasn’t enough, my lack of maturity thought it would create a nice memory to my 11 year old son to inject the chip in my hand. It all went quick and well, we even played in the end. Friday, november 27 2020

Saturday, 18h later was the last read from it. Afraid of inflammations I decided to try checking only Wednesday. Wednesday I couldn’t get a read and I emailed support and joined forum

I had to travel to São Paulo so I went to a hospital (December 5) where they took a Xray of full arm. Couldn’t find in the hand, there was a little thing at the nipple. Long story short because I stayed a week of denial trying to reach neodymium to prove it wrong, I went to a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, and the doctor’s got really excited about writing an article to a science magazine about my lung implant. They said I was doing something good to humanity allowing them to do so lol.

Apparently I implanted in the vein and stayed at the same spot until Saturday afternoon run, when the veins dilated and pumped the chip all the way to a thin vein in my lung, where it is too risky to remove. Technically I had a asymptomatic pulmonary embolism. My health is 100% ok, my lung suffered no apparent damage and I will carry my son’s gift forever very close to my heart.

I took a couple months to write this feedback because it turned my mind upside down a bit. I imagined myself over and over dying in front of my son repeating the story of me losing my father at same age. But also made me realize how fragile we are, we could die at any moment from the least expected source. That pushed me to defund superficial projects and finance lifedream neglected projects, I needed that and it wouldn’t happen without you. Thank you

I asked the doctor: how could I know I was implanting in the vein? He answered: pull the plunger, if it comes blood, you are in a vein. But it’s a implant syringe, has no seal! He doesn’t know. So I guess it’s all up to the doctor experience and always will have a small chance to end up in a vein.

Well, I guess next time I will go to a hospital far from my town with the flex chip I originally wanted

See you next adventure,


Oh, how can I improve the range of my lung implant? Will I be able to use it?

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Uh wow. Well, glad to hear you’re alright now. What exact implant did you purchase, and where exactly did you implant it?

Spark 2, classic position. The picture in the post is not loading?

Well then. That’s certainly the most unique implantation account I think any of us here have ever heard.

Do you know what vein it was in particular that acted as your “courier”?

Also, glad your alright brother.


I guess is the big fat vein that passes close to the implanted spot, and climb over the round edge of arm bone

That is legitimately incredible. Not a good incredible, but definitely incredible.

Well, so long as your safe now, I guess you can say you’ve had the most impressive implant installation spot of all time:P

Great write up by the way. Thanks for sharing!

I seriously can’t get over how crazy this story is!


You guys want your best post of 2021, here it is


I guess you can imagine my one week of denial “I bet the chip is right here in my hand and it didn’t show in the xray for technical reasons” lol


LoL, I can bet man! I would’ve needed two doctors as well to believe it!

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Can you read it currently in your chest? You might need a better reader like an ACR-122U. I don’t think any phone will be able to read through all that tissue. You might need to completely breath out too.

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The questions at the hospital were all assuming I was crazy. Sometimes I was about to be seduced they were right

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I’m seriously just so happy that it didn’t end up getting stuck in your heart or something like that.

You might have needed to get an arc reactor and magnet to keep it from traveling like our own little DT Tony Stark


I feel a slight discomfort from the neodymium magnet. Don’t have a reader besides phone

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The doctor said it would be dangerous if were 10x thinner. The chip is in a dead end and have no where to go, different vascular surgeons said

Do you have any desire to try and read it? Cause I think that would be very interesting.

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Yes, I would like to save in it short text love messages from my family



I see no reason I have to prove anything to anyone. You are all grown ups and free to believe in whatever you want.

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That’s fucking wild. Thank you for sharing.