My lung implant :)

Glad you are safe! Crazy it ended up in your lung.

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Any chance you wanna post that implant video you took the ss from? If it’s true it’s very interesting and I’m glad you’re good mate but it’s just a bit sus




id love to see a lateral xray from you

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Can we see the video?


I mean this in the nicest way…

But, pics/evidence or it didn’t happen?


But how did it get there?
From the provided pictures, it was implanted into the right hand and ended up in the right lung lobe.
If it “travelled along the venes”, as your doctors describe it, it would have had to go through the cephalic vein, into the axillary vein, through the branchiocephalic trunk into the superior vena cava, through the heart (right atrium and ventricle) and into the pulmonary artery, to get lodged in a lung capillary. Edit: incorrect assumption - please compare post #35
Somebody with superior medical knowledge please correct me if I got it wrong.
Edit: the thoracic MRI CT is pretty convincing, don’t get me wrong, it’s just baffling

Shoulda made a left at Albuquerque


That’s not it, you wanna look for the little foreign object on the left hand side that moves into view with some distorting rays from the CT scan or whatever.

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@Pilgrimsmaster you are looking for this:


I mean, I still don’t buy it. But if it turns out to be true, I’ll apologize and eat my words. Look forward to that published article.



Here you go:
It’s not unheard of

Yeah I’m familiar with that case. There was also Rajaramjet’s that migrated a long way down their arm.

Yeah but his case seems completely different. It took over 1 year for the migration, so it obviously wasn’t placed in a vein.

I’m going to give this case a plausible

I will admit that I was contacted once in 2014 by someone with the same claim… that a self-installed chip had stayed put a few days but then ended up dislodging and flying up a vein, through the heart, ending up in the lung.

While this is possible, it was suspect for a few reasons…

  1. why would an object injected into a sufficiently large vein stay there for any amount of time, let alone days?

  2. I asked for medical records and name and contact information of the doctor, which was provided… sort of. I got similar x-ray images and a doctor’s name but no direct contact could ever be made with this doctor.

  3. all communication with the customer was disjointed and unclear, likely because English was not their first language… so trying to get them to work with their doctor to contact me or discuss the case just seemed to go in circles.

After a while I put the case aside and it still sits in a digital archive folder somewhere. I will find it and pull up my notes… but my point is this is technically possible… so I want to treat this as a potential case study.


What is this a video of? What technology? It looks like an ultrasound but I have no idea what ultrasound technology that can take images from this angle (parallel to the spine?) Is that the angle I’m looking at?

I believe that’s a MRI

@Sourpunk is that video of your MRI?