Connect Android to Proxmark Easy?

I had a dream last night and I’m sure a lot of you have thought about this, but what if there was an app that ran and worked with a proxmark3? Basically plugged your proxmark into your phone? Not sure if your phone would half to rooted to get something like that to run… I’m sure it would and plus maybe a driver. But how easy and convenient that would be?
Also store different card codes with notes so you could read and program on the fly. I feel like I want to dive down this rabbit hole.



I haven’t looked into them myself yet but I know there are already a few Android apps for proxmark that might do what you’re looking for?


Ha well okay then. Walrus seems to maybe work. Hopefully it will work with a proxmark3 easy but we will see

If you have a PM3 RDV4 you can add a Bluetooth and battery module called a blueshark it fits on perfectly, I mainly got it for the built in battery myself but using the Bluetooth you can connect it to your pone and use this app I believe. Unfortunately the RDV4 and its accessories are a bit pricey imo.

I myself have not used the phone app but you can download it from the playstore so I might give it a try at some point.


I don’t have the RDv4 the PM3 Easy

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@Drwolfsburg your in luck my good sir. I use my phone daily with ProxMark.


Really? Read and write cards from your phone? Which app do you use?

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I use AndProx…but before we go farther a few things.

AndProx is used with my unaltered pm3 easy. It doesn’t support Iceman’s fork currently. I use AndProx with my daily phone. I use a Nexus 7 with NetHunter to interact with my other devices pm3 rdv4 and my chameleon mini

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The pm3 I ordered said it’s running 2.0.0 firmware. I don’t believe it is running Iceman. I’m going to look for that app right now. That’s what I’m planing on programming my NExT implant.
My phone currently is Razer 2 running Android version 9

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oh… now that is interesting. I haven’t flashed the iceman stuff yet, so in theory andprox could come in mighty handy


Do I need to download a specific USB driver? I’m reading something about it but can’t seem to find a download.
When I open up my settings on the Andprox app is says zero drivers found.

I just got my pm3 easy and plugged it into my phone and no power :unamused:

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Try powering it by computer first, make sure it’s functioning. Once that’s done your phone might not output enough power, you might have to run a y-adapter

It powers up I need to figure out how to change these settings

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Is the cable power only?

Yeah I use it to charge my phone. I’m trying to find a type c to mini USB

I wonder if I plug my phone and my pm3 into a powered USB hub?

So Idk if I may have found the issue I’m not sure. My pm3 has two USB connectors. I’m not sure what the second is for. I cant seem to find any info. It’s right next to the button

Also sorry everyone!! I don’t mean to bug lol just trying to figure out what’s going on

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One port is a ‘power only’ port (one one by the button)

The other is your normal ‘power and data’ port.

The idea being that you can connect it a battery bank off the power port to run in standalone mode, then with it still turned on plug it in to your computer to read out the results.


Ahh got you. I’m trying to figure out why my phone dosent allow any thing connect to my USB port. Looks like I’m going to be stuck on my PC lol