Connect Android to Proxmark Easy?

Mine doesn’t have the power port by the button :frowning: I noticed it when I got it, but luckily I won’t really need that. Did you say yours was a US seller?

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Yeah it came from Kentucky I ordered it two days ago and got it today.

Man I’m having the hardest time trying to download the software

What flavour phone do you have?
I wonder if debug mode may help you out?

Also, Should we shift this to it’s own thread?
“How to connect Proxmark Easy to Android”
When / if you get it sorted, It may be a good reference for others at a later date…


Excellent idea.
I have a RAZER 2 phone.

I’ll look for that thread

I was suggesting you start it as it is your thread,
I can do it if you want, and transfer the relevant posts to it

That might be easier I don’t know how to transfer the posts

Done… and here we are



Holy thats amazing.

Anywho. I’m trying to find some folder in my system settings for development or debug or USB. Nothing lol. This phone is only good for movies and games lol


Is this what you mean? To get developer mode on Android?


Eh still nothing idk

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Are you using an OTG adapter? In my experience they are required for applications like this.

If not / for anyone interested in what OTG is:

OTG stands for USB on the go. It is a bit like a crossover cable but for USB. It only works for devices that support it, these days most phones (including the Razer 2) support it.

This diagram for micro USB shows off the difference quit well (Not that it is a major change) image
By grounding the sense pin it lets the phone know it needs to act as the USB host, where as usually the sense pin is floating.

I mainly buy samsung phones and all of mine have included an adapter (They do this because you can used it to transfer data from your old phone by letting the new one act as the host)

In fact they are great, you can use them to plug in flash drives, mice, gamepads, etc…

They usually look like one of these:


Most newer androids, especially with android 10, should be able back and forth between host and client mode. I use my pixel 3a in host mode to push payloads to my nintendo switch to boot into the CFW.

I could be wrong in that though :man_shrugging:

just double checked

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Yeah idk my phone says I’m up to date Android 9 but there’s two USB sections. One I can adjust and one it won’t let me adjust still

I just ordered a OTG connector like the last one you posted. Won’t be here until Thursday though. Hope that’s the fix.

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I hope it works out for you. I have used them for serial communication with Arduinos many times but it’s been a fair while, I tend to use Bluetooth these days.

I wonder if that’s a new purely software feature or if some phones have just added a way to ground the sense pin internally essentially making any USB cable a OTG cable.

I would be surprised if this wasnt the case, especially with how people use phones these days. I Sold my laptop several years ago when I built a PC after a massive hiatus since I dont need one when I have a desktop and a phone.


So it was a cable issue for sure!
Unfortunately I need to flash my firmware on my pm3?
But I did get my pm3 read and copy a HID card with the Walrus app. How happy I was haha


@Drwolfsburg I’m glad you got it sorted. I figured it was the cable.

Like I said no Iceman repos allowed with non-rooted stock apps. Now you can go out in the field and play :slight_smile:


OTG cable fix it (Thought you where not getting that till later in the week) or just your normal cable was bad and you swapped it?


The Walrus app is pretty cool I can store all of my different Prox card iDs on it. I was hoping to use the Andprox app but this one seems to be pretty good

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