Connect Android to Proxmark Easy?

No I still haven’t received it yet. I got to work and stared right at my portable audio DAC sitting on my desk lol. I took the USB/type c cable and plugged it into my phone lol

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Haha nice, just checked, that is a Fiio CL06 cable, which is a… OTG cable so hopefully the adapter will also work and give you back your DAC cable :smiley:

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And again music saves the day! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Glad you got that working !

If you do look to move towards the Proxmark RDv4 with Blueshark etc. We will be doing a new bundle deal here soon.


With maybe the ProxLF …


I have all 3, They work great together, definitely not disappointed in my purchases :smiley: recommend them to anyone who can afford them.


Got my PM3 RDV4 with the blueshark today, I get this message when I try to use RFID tools, so I guess it’s running on a too new firmware :sweat_smile: for any app on my unrooted Huawei P30

Anyone feel up to giving me a super dumbed-down walk through on how to do this on a Mac running os X, i got kind of lost on the github explanation :open_mouth:

I don’t believe there are any apps that let you use any version of the iceman fork of the firmware on a unrooted device unfortunately.

Just to clarify, what is the “this” that you are trying to do?

Use the proxmark with your Mac in general?
Use the proxmark via Bluetooth with your Mac?
Use your Mac to get it working with your phone?

I’m in love with this X-LED lol I want to use it so badly but you can’t haha

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xLED are on sale
$39 HF
$49 LF

just sayin’


Ugh my god. I would if I had another reason to use it.

I’ll think of something lol

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If you’re looking for other uses for the xLEDs… (shameless plug incoming) A few of people on here are trying to make a bracelet to power the xLED style chips.

I have a few of the xFDs that came with your implant in the mail so that I can start prototyping. I’m planning on having one under a tattoo or multiple purely for the cool factor.

Oh shit that’s awesome yeah I read through that thread before. It’s really interesting.
That’s super amazing. I wish the NExT had an LED. Lol then it would be perfect lol. Even if it was like 2mm longer lol

You have seen the xSIID implants right?

Oh crap I feel like I should have lol

Hi @leumas95, frustration yesterday cut my words short :sweat_smile:
First off I was trying just to get the t to work with the cable, but it seems like most of the firmware has updated since the guide was written, so I’m having problems on finding out how and where to put things, I’ve stolen my gf’s windows computer and I’ll try with this one today :slightly_smiling_face:

I did also try on my android yesterday, just to see if I could get it to work there :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you happen to know wich firmware is the latest that is proven to work with the Android system? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Looking back at my last post I might have said something incorrect, I got mixed up and was reading the firmware version printed in your screenshot as the devices firmware not the firmware the app expects. Looks like NFC tools is using “RRG/Iceman// 2019/08/12” based on that screenshot and there google play store page. is the repo to find that firmware. Here is the instructions for a Mac.

If you struggle to follow the instructions I would recommend making a post with a question about the part you get stuck on. Then it’s not lost at the bottom of this thread and will get more exposure.

Using Walrus trying to write to my NExT. Idk if it’s writing, but when I go to try and read it. Its saying like random numbers. Dosent show card code or FC code

I figured it out yesterday, on the Mac at least🙂
Now to figure out the cloning part :sweat_smile:


So here is the new complete kit ! As it’s a bundle, it includes a £100 discount compared to buying all the parts separately.

I would recommend installing the RRG iceman fork that the RDV4 uses. Stup proxspace on windows, compile the firmware using PM3OTHER. Works no issues and let’s you use the RRG android app that the RDV4 uses. Obviously there is no bluetooth on the Easy so you have to connect via OTG cable.
Also you need the newer Proxmark3 Easy, make sure it is 512k, 256k is too small for the iceman fork.

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