Connecting cylindrical LF antenna to Proxmark3 Easy?

Hey everyone, I was thinking about getting either an Xem or NExT to go with my new xSIID and had a couple questions.

First I got my Proxmark3 Easy up and running and was able to clone my HID work badge to the included blank T5577 card. I know it is recommended to use the cylindrical LF antenna from here for the implants but I wasn’t sure how to connect it to the Proxmark3 Easy. Are there instructions anywhere for this?

Second question is, has anyone found any difference in LF read performance with the Xem over the NExT or vice versa? Wasn’t sure which one to go with for LF being I already have a HF chip and didn’t know if I needed 2.

Any guidance is appreciated!

We tuned the LF chip in the NExT to handle being in close proximity to the HF antenna… but in reality it’s not all that different even if left untuned… only noticeable on a network analyser, not typically in practice.

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the proxlf antenna can’t be connected to non-rdv4 proxmark3 devices… but you could make your own… there are threads here about that actually…

Sorry for my noobness, but are you saying the non tuned Xem could possibly read better, or there is really no difference?

Negligible difference if any.

This is a really good reference for you to make and tune your own PM3 Easy antenna


not better, worse… but only just so slightly that it’s really only visible on a network analyser… practically speaking, its all the same.