Contactless Payment and Spark being installed today, why am I so nervous?

That’s exactly how I have it set up! It works great, way better than carrying business cards… But I’m nervous to use my implant in a professional setting. In my limited experience telling a few close friends and family what I was going to do, the response was not a good one. No need to scare people while networking professionally so I may just manually type the URL into their phones to download my contact for them haha

Get an NXP216 tag or two and let them scan those, they can be configured the exact same way.

You could even attach one to a regular looking business card.

Depending on your profession you might find that professionals are more interested than family.

I know that just telling one of my neighbours that I had an NFC enabled ring fascinated him (he works in IT Cyber Response)

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Very nice and informative post! Looks like you were in good hands :wink:

I can totally understand that… the knife edge is a terrible spot to separate, the skin sits surprisingly tight at that area. The cut for my flexy install was made there, so my artist had to seperate skin from there up to the middle of my hand, and it was a really strange feeling. Don’t really want to imagine doing that without injected anaesthetics, and I’m all into (bodmod-related) pain usually… :wink:

I’m already looking forward to see the videos you made, and please keep us all updated about the healing process!


Thanks, that makes me feel a lot better!

Speaking of install videos… Here they are!

The Vivokey Spark 2:

The PureWrist Contactless Payment (beginning after I woke back up :sweat_smile:):

And, here’s a short clip of me paying for the install with my new cyborg hand!

Regarding the recovery, today is better than yesterday! My hand is only a little sore, with sharp pain if I twist my arm at weird angles. I’m taking intenzyme forte three times a day to help with healing: Intenzyme Forte™ | Biotics Research


Holy shit, you took that flex install like a champ! I’m not ready for that!


I would probably seek out injectable anesthetics before putting another flex chip in the blade of my hand :sweat_smile:

Changed my bandages this evening, I can’t believe how tiny the wounds are. No signs of infection!


can @Pilgrimsmaster merge that to the install vid topic? or something like that? :smiley:


@Rum thanks for the Vids!

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Good idea, but this is also @rum 's storey/ journey, maybe leave them here but also share them in


like @mrln suggested…:man_shrugging:

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I just shared them in both threads :+1:

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Which payment chip did you choose? Because I can’t find payout chips :pensive:

Hi Santinno, welcome to the forum!

I used Dangerous Things’ contactless payment conversion service to have a PureWrist chip converted into an implantable flex chip. The PureWrist was $25 and the conversion was $200.

Are you in the US? I believe PureWrist is the only option here, but other countries have different options.

Here’s a pic of the final product after conversion:



hi @Santinno

If you are in Europe then chances are, a walletmor should be available to you.

If not, check the payment conversion service like @Rum suggested for some other known countries options


Thank you very much for the answer, I live in Portugal, I believe the best option will be the Walletmor chip, as it already has a service registered.
Are you experiencing pain, or some difficulty?

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Yes, the recovery has been more difficult than I expected. The wounds themselves are not painful, and they are healing up really nice with no signs of infection.

What’s been tough is the nerves. The blade of the hand has a lot of them, and they are definitely agitated. What’s giving me a lot of confidence is that the issue with my nerves is getting dramatically better every day since the procedure. As of today, I have 95% movement of my arm back and my pinky is just slightly tingly/numb. Little to no pain.

I’m feeling confident that I will be back to 100% soon, in which case it would have been totally worth it. Exercise caution though, we are on the frontier with this stuff.

Btw, I love the culture in Portugal!

I snapped some pictures this morning while changing my bandages, things are looking very good (5 days since install)

Thanks to cleanliness of Gumby’s studio :+1:


Is that superglue I see? If so, that’s actually really cool, and if not what is it / how the hell is your flex scar so neat?!


Close, it’s “New Skin” liquid bandage. It sticks really great to the skin, but it’s more rubbery than super glue and has antiseptic properties.

I’ve been doing the liquid bandage over the Spark, but I don’t love removing the stuff on the wound from my Flex, so I’ve been sticking to steristrips on that one. My morning ritual is something like this:

  • remove old bandage
  • use isopropyl to clean the area around the wound
  • a tiny dab of Neosporin with HCI directly on the wound
  • apply steristrips with wrist kinked left to hold wound closed
  • small bandaid on top.

And then when it’s done it looks like this:

I’m also taking two ibuprofen (Advil) and 10 proteolytic enzymes (Intenzyme Forte) three times per day on an empty stomach. The proteolytic enzymes are a miracle for healing, when I used them after having my wisdom teeth removed the surgeon said it was the fastest recovery he had ever seen!


i think that problem is what a lot of us have…


Generally you should take NSAIDs like ibuprofen with some food/snack to avoid damaging your stomach

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That’s good to know, thanks! the enzymes need to be on an empty stomach, so I will start taking the ibuprofen separately!