Cool implant i found

Has anyone here heard of this or has one? it seems very very cool se let me know what you guys think (Bionic Yourself V2.0 |

No, but I’m curious about the battery they chose.


Yea i don’t know about putting batteries in implants, seems like it could go very bad

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There’s an entire thread on this subject for that matter:

The project was posted in 2014, last log entry was 2015 :frowning:


“Super safe” doesn’t make me feel “super confident” in the safety of putting this in my body.


oh i didn’t even see the date

Would be a lot cooler if it it were powered externally. Still, it seems a bit risky with the "barbell"s, because they’re simultaneously inside, and outside of the barrier, so if the coating isn’t 100% perfectly adhered to all 3 of them, there’s chance for body fluid to get inside and cause problems, or come back out. And if it moves around when you move, that’s probably gonna work on the bond between the stainless steel "barbell"s, and the coating.

Also not entirely certain about stainless steel inside the body. Maybe if it’s a nitrogen steel, but even then, the steel may still cause a reaction.

I really want to like that implant though, because it seems very interesting.

Looks too big. And I would never agree to implant a lithium battery in my body. What if the battery pack expands?

But it’s “Super safe” :stuck_out_tongue:


@Zwack, wheren’t you looking for a “go big or go home” sized implant? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No, that tablet is still too small… :unicorn_scared:


that’s also my take on it, battery’s can only be charged and discharged a certain amount also imagine if the battery vented