Lithium Batteries in Implants

I’ve been reading up on active battery-powered implants for some time now and I understand the risks associated: the venting of gases, explosions, etc.

I understand that CO2, CO, and hydrogen are among the gases lithium batteries can vent under certain conditions. Does anyone know of any literature that explores what would happen if such gases were leaked into the body in a subdermal implant setting?

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I think the only existing cases are grinders noticing it bulging soon enough and taking it out before the coating fails.

You might want to explore scuba or deep sea diving. Both can lead to gas absorption and are very very well documented. Granted it’s not exactly the same, but you might be able to glean some insights.

Interesting, I hadn’t thought about scuba diving. I’ll do some reading on that. Thanks.

The issue becomes oxidation and chem reactions with water and other bodily fluids. Hydrofluoric acid can be one of the many resulting chemicals produced… it’s not pretty.