Could a stun gun be implanted?

Just an idea that occurred to me. Could you create a transdermal implant that delivers an electrical shock when activated?

Most people here wouldn’t consider putting a battery beneath their skin, plus transdermal implants throw up a bunch of other issues…

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Nah, not really, Feel free to answer @Perpetuapolyphemus though
But personally, I think a subdermal / transdermal stun gun is closer to a PegLeg™ than an xNT…
A little more “Grinder-y”

Again, I am trying to be helpful…You really don’t have a great opinion of me do you :slightly_frowning_face:

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I personally think it sounds painful, since it’s going to stun you far more than the other person

Also stun gun ≠ taser

Stun guns are not effective at stopping someone, they do not cause neuromuscular incapacitation, they only cause mild pain, possibly to small burn points in your skin

Literally the sound the make is far scarier then what they actually do, from a self defense standpoint they are just all around bad

Taser is the device actually capable of making a person stop doing something, there is a lot of magic at play with voltage amperage and frequency of pulses, but most importantly the separation of the contact barbs is CRITICAL to it working

This is a 2 birds one stone, from the contact barbs being propelled out of the device, it provides much greater separation, and artificial reach from an assailant

There’s a reason you see YouTube jackasses using stun guns on each other, they do nothing more than sting for a second

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And insulation so that it doesn’t stun the owner… That would be the transdermal protrusions.

Pus along with a battery you would need a capacitor, Neither of which, I would want under my skin.

Then how would you trigger it…Like I said, more of a BioHack.Me project.

I don’t think a Tazer would even be viable, but that’s just my opinion

I was thinking of something that could potentially be attached to a silicone base that would contain the conductive material to prevent it from shocking you.
The idea I had in my head, though I’m not sure it’s possible because I am not familiar with the inner workings of a stun gun or similar electrical device, was brass knuckle like spikes that can be attached to subdermal anchors, or unplugged to be stored or recharged
So external battery and electrical conduction, the piercings would only anchor the device to ensure it can’t be removed during a skirmish and would always be available for use. Of course I am a newbie to body modification so I don’t know how all the details of this would work out.
But I will ask the forum you mentioned as well, thank you.

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If you have voltage that can jump a 2” air gap, it’s going to be halarious when someone activates that shit inside their body

I’d like to see insulation up to that job

…Your also making these transdermal a stick out more than said 2” air gap right? … oops you’re the path of least resistance

No… nononono :joy:

I don’t think you know what kind of forces can be at play in a tussle, let alone a ground fight

And it always goes to the ground

Short story, it will get ripped clean out, well out… but not that clean I suppose

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Very possible outcome that I’ve considered…
However, that depends on how it’s attached to the fist as well

Missed this, I have a great opinion of you

I just thought the

“We don’t do that here” was savage

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I feel like size could be a potentially huge restraint, if you could create it small enough, it could be implanted in the knuckles with the prongs sticking out, but if you can’t get enough power in something that small, that could be really problematic and probably wouldn’t work-too big and clunky couldn’t be fit under the skin or mounted on top

Being serious, the biggest issue you’re going to run into, (besides stun guns don’t work)

Is the contacts have to be farther away from your skin, than they are from each other

Otherwise the electricity will happily flow thru you instead of the air

And as you make the distance between the contacts smaller you drastically reduce its effect even more on the target

Haven’t even scratched the legal reasons this is bad juju

Even in the United States where I can carry a gun for self defense, a subdermal stun gun would get you in more trouble, it’s stupid but I’m serious

Half the time stun guns aren’t even legal because since they aren’t reliable or effective for self defense it’s considered merely a weapon

Making it sub dermal, an prosecutor could easily make the argument that you were trying to “hide it” to be able to sneak up on people, etc


I feel like that wouldn’t be too difficult as you could create two prongs that stick out of the skin on the index and pinky knuckle-same distance as on a normal stun gun
But the other stuff needs to fit, somewhere.

You’re missing my point, if the prongs stick out less than say, half and inch, it’s just going to go straight down into your skin and complete the circuit subdermal

I was just pulling your leg.

I do still think that this would be better suited to

Although I wouldn’t install one, I do have a design idea.

As with all these things, the battery is the issue, also a subdermal or Transdermal Momentary switch, I am not 100% on
The separation could be made 15-20mm
Insulation protection would be via Silicone.

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So it’s going to stick out of your skin how far?
Electricity is far happier to go thru your skin than air
If there is less distance between the contacts and your skin, versus the distance between each contact

But why would they not stick out that much? Lol
I mean hypothetically we could make them any length we needed them to be, right?
Not that I have the technical skill required to do this right now, but I don’t want to waste time on a maybe some day day dream if it’s not possible at all, and if it is then having a start in the right direction would be nice
Removable prongs could be 2 inches long or so.
I will be trying to implant brass knuckle spikes in the not so distant future, it would be cool if you could some day potentially electrify them. Just not certain that’s feasible.

Definitely don’t think this project is sensibly viable, or effective, it would be more of an intimidation tool than an effective offensive / defensive “weapon”

Sounds like you want a product that exist. Google electric brass knuckles.

Out of curiosity, have you even been in a fist fight? Seen plenty a piercing ripped out of faces.

Ouch. Tape some metal bbs to your knuckle and hit something hard, they push back against you also.

Ouch, I cannot imagine the pain of hitting someone with this. (For the person punching, not recieving)

See above


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