(*) CR66 Handheld RFID ID Card Duplicator Programmer Reader Writer 💩

In my DRAWER :wink: of bits, I also have one of these.

Never used it, never tried to use it.

I tried with a couple of fobs, (all I had handy) it APPEARED to read OK, but no go on the write.


As Amal said Rubbish :poop:

  • I only tested on a HID Prox and EM410x
  • Of those two, the cloner would only read EM410x
  • I managed to read from EM410x fob but could not write to to another fob,
  • I could write from the fob to a card
  • I could not read nor write to a FlexEm ( Facsimile )

I may put the antenna on the outside and try again, But I think it will make very little difference.

Rating 4.5 :poop: