Current state of Deadbolt locks?

I’m in the same sort of situation. My installer is 400 miles from me. Although I’ve been lucky so far: he does a “circuit” even year and travels to my town to do installs on request. And my local tattoo artist guy can handle glassies. But if / when I finally receive a certain implant I’m waiting on, and if my health is good enough, I’ll have to travel to Helsinki to have it installed this time. Not really convenient. But hey, It wouldn’t be my first nonsensical implant-related use of time and money :slight_smile:

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Good news, the x field detector arrived.

Bad news, I can’t get it to light.

I also can’t get it to light with an mfrc 522 but can barely get light from it with a Proxmark3.

I would think it would be fine with a flex implant.

Thanks for checking!