Custom 5mm flex installation needle now available

Our custom laser etched 5mm flex installation needle is now available in the store.

Guide (for professionals!)

Our installation guide that showcases how to use this needle can be found here;

VivoKey Flex Device Installation Procedure Guide.pdf (641.0 KB)

Video (for professionals!)

  • 3g sachet of sterile needle lubricant included!

Nice Addition Amal


indeed… it’s needed for any needle really, but especially for such a crazy large needle :slight_smile:

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Oof that’s a big needle

I always imagined it was flattened quite a bit


That needle is quite gnarly. I also never realized how large those specific flex implants were. (My fault for not reading measurements)

It REALLY doesn’t feel any different, plus it is the perfect tool for the job.
That addition of needle-lube should make it a breeze.
The cavity the needle makes, allows the FlexWedge to be inserted, super easily.


What keeps the needle from making a core sample of your flesh?


You might get some tissue stuck in there (due to the massive size), but the needle bevel kinda cuts and separates the tissue, like Moses parting the red sea. They’re more like a knife than a hole punch, and new needles are pretty daaaamn sharp.

because the bevel cuts rather than cores, then you are pushing into a “cavity” rather than a solid, so there is nothing to actually core

@ithritin…( is typing )

…and to add an extra note, the back end of the bevel (of particular needles) is designed with this in mind, and is referred to as an “anti-core heel” specifically so it doesn’t cut you like an apple corer :slight_smile:

I still don’t get get it, I feel like if I pushed that into meat, it would core instead of “spreading”

If it’s just spreading why not solid?

I accept I may be wrong just intuitively feels wrong

Into meat, then yeah, but you are pushing between layers.
To Simplify it, think of it like:-

“skin” (dermis)
collagen lattice ( Fascia layer, this is what you are pushing / cutting through )
“meat” (muscle)

The SpiderMan Web slinging looking stuff is what the needle pushes through.

Real-life looks like:-


Looks super dangerous :cold_face: big needle.

Not this

It’s pretty much all in the bevel. You could think of it like a ship in water, the bow of the ship kinda cuts and separates the water to reduce drag. Similarly, the bevel cuts and separates the flesh so it moves around the needle.


One just looks like it would hurt a lot more lol

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That’s why

for professionals


just think about a regular needle. They’re meant to go in and come out while causing as little damage as possible.

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This is a dermal (or biopsy) punch, and this will make a nice cookie cutter core :wink:

It’s what they use for dermal anchors \ transdermal implants, as well as other things like removing cartilage from noses, ears or sometimes for ear lobes.


EDIT: fixed images, sorry!