Custom cyborg builder

Fancy building your own implant bundles! All with discounted prices and the ability to choose pick and choose between the implants that suit you? Look no further… use the KSEC Custom Cyborg builder to create your own customised package.

Build your own KSEC cyborg package ! You’ll be able to choose from a wide range implants both xSeries & Flex and accessories.

How it works:

1: Select both your first & second implants with 20%-30% with discounts
2: Add up to two more implants with a maximum of 40% off!
3: Choose your accessories, either standard or complete kit with 50% off each
4. Add an optional flex implant with 30% off
5. Receive free KSEC merch or upgrade to a merch bundle which includes a T-Shirt and keychains

All custom packages will receive free KSEC stickers and a keychain.


I dont have the money stop being cruel :sweat_smile: roll on payday


Sorry I’ll stop innovating new things until then I promise :wink:


same. sorry :frowning:

on a serious not guys your amazing im sure I speak for the whole comunity when I say the customer service really is second to none and the customer experience is amazing.

Thank you so much!


Well thats a nice thing to start friday too for sure !


You can now build your own implant bundles and customise your cyborg needs! Add 2- 4 implants with up to 40% savings! All accessories and gadgets are 50% off.

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I noticed it doesn’t discount xSIID, is that intentional?

The xSIIDs are under the Implant 1 option but they’re all discounted. Let me know if you’re not seeing the same ?


I can get it for option one, but no discount. I honestly was just messing with it to see the combos available.

Ah the green is discounted but there was an typo stopping it from showing. Just fixed it about 3 mins ago aha

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Awesome. If I mess with it more and find anything else I will let you know.

Should be this now. Sure thing.

We’ve tried to make it near equal of the current bundle prices but with more flexible options .


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Will this be coming stateside at any point?

We ship worldwide but this is something KSEC made rather than DT

Does anyone have any feedback/suggestions of things to add ?

I just have a question more than a suggestion.

Looking at the extras and I see it still lists the xEM but image says xAC. That just placeholders?
Do all the bundles come with the newer xAC?


So the images are just examples of bundle options etc.

So the xAC is the xEM access controller but the name were changed along with the xLEDs etc a while back by DT.

We’re waiting on the new xAC units as we speak but currently they come with the original ones not the newer ones. Although we will look to update these in the future.

Yes I will add them shortly :).

We left them out originally as they’re were in short supply.

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