Custom Cyborg Light Sabres colour change 🚦

I would have made this a “PROPER” project post, HOWEVER the information contained within is only from some quick research, I don’t have one of these light sabres, nor access to one, to confirm, so I will leave this here as a “rough guide”
Use the information at your own risk

I will happily remove this thread If somebody else wants to make a project from it and replace my one. (Feel free to use any of my content)

Savi’s Workshop in the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge area
Custom Light Sabre

Custom “blade” colours

Custom Parts

Custom CYBORG HACK :arrow_heading_down:

I was put on to this from @CriticalNyte post

I did a little of my own research and was curious if this would be a good “Cyborg Jedi” Project

The crystals appear to be LF em410x (POSSIBLY em4305)
Without access to an actual crystal, I am not sure if they are T5577 or just straight em410x/em4305

WRITING - Colour changing

  • You can PROBABLY use a Blue cloner :neutral_face:
    Have a little folio of fobs or cards, labelled with the colour, “Read / Write, Done” remember it adds a password
  • You COULD use a Proxmark
    Fuck around with an unintuitive and clunky “fragile” “expensive” device plus a computer
  • You actually SHOULD use a White cloner :face_vomiting:
    Here’s the thing, THIS is the only time I would recommend the white cloner. Of all of the options, this is the fastest, easiest, cheapest. For pure convenience, punch in a 4 digit code and press write, COLOUR CHANGE DONE :+1: :red_circle: :arrow_right::green_circle::arrow_right::large_blue_circle::arrow_right::purple_circle:
    Just make sure you get the “Zonsin” model with the Red background , NOT the OBDHands with the Blue background.
    “Zonsin” model with the Red background

Savi’s Lightsaber Hilt Chassis Base is made of plastic
I believe the LF antenna is placed here

The sleeve components that make up the light sabre are metal

So I think the antenna would need to be moved externally for a chance to have a Position 0 LF xSeries to operate the colour change.
A FlexEM, might still struggle, but would need to be confirmed
Also to be confirmed, But I believe, the lightsabre ( and holocrons ) only reads when initially turned on, so the implant would only need to be presented on initiation

On to the FUN stuff:-
Savi’s Workshop Lightsaber Parts List
x1 chassis (the plastic frame for the lightsaber)
x1 kyber crystal (various color options available; the crystal CODES below determine blade color)
x2 activation plates (one plate needs to have an activation switch) :magnet: :thinking: :thought_balloon: :bulb:
x2 grip sections
x1 emitter piece
x1 pommel (endcap)

The Kyber crystal, which is available in red, blue, green or violet.
But wait… there’s more
You can purchase White and yellow also
with some knowledge ( Provided below ) you can have ALL the colours for FREEEEEEEE!

List of available colours and codes

3072 - White (Ashoka)
3073 - Red (Vader)
3074 - Orange light inside hilt with yellow a blade, no voice in holocrons
3075 - Yellow (Temple Guard)
3076 - Green (Qui-Gon)
3077 - Teal light inside hilt with a blue blade, no voice in holocrons
3078 - Blue (Old Ben)
3079 - Purple (Mace Windu 2)
3080 - White (Chirutt)
3081 - Red (Emperor)
3082 - Red (Count Dooku)
3083 - Yellow (Maz Kanata)
3084 - Green (Yoda)
3085 - Red (Darth Maul)
3086 - Blue (Old Luke)
3087 - Purple (Mace Windu)
3122 - Green (Yoda Magic 8 ball)
3123 - Red (Snoke)
3121 - Red (Vader Magic 8 ball)

I started to compile a list, and found this video, so thanks to Jandno

Bonus, Each colour appears to have it’s own individual sound effects

In addition to the sabre colour changing,
THERE IS EVEN MORE cyborg functionality

You can use the same RFID tech in the Holocrons with your implants ( a “hack” exists where you could place your implant ( to be confirmed ) on the outside of the Holocron to activate it ) and change the mode with the information below.

Also for you little magnetos :magnet:
A bonus trick, you can* use your xG3 or Titan to switch on you Light Sabre :+1: :vertical_traffic_light: *(I have not tested this, but the light Sabre is activated by a reed switch or Hall sensor :magnet: so in theory :thinking: …)
:magnet: =

Disney experience link
Savis Workshop handbuilt-lightsabers

The use of the word CYBORG was used in fun, no correspondence will be entered into and batteries not included

If anybody hasn’t seen this, I found it funny when I first watched it.

@ShaakPsi I thought of you when I wrote this up { NOT IN A WEIRD WAY }

But from your profile and love of colourful blinkies.

I could imagine you at a ComicCon, and changing your Lightsabre blade colour at whim, and using your finger magnet to switch on and off your blade, plus the Biometric lock/ jedi protection; without an implant NOBODY else could switch on you sabre… except for you with the “force”


Best idea for this is programming it for red, then stealing a Jedi’s saber and “bleeding” the crystal in front of everyone. :joy:

Granted, I think that most folks will just think it’s a switch, but if there was a way to demonstrate that it’s not, and it’s an otherwise unmodified saber…


Well, that looks interesting! I must definitely read this topic very closely as soon as I’m back home later. :eyes:

:blush: I just can’t stop laughing right now. Thanks for bringing it up here and giving me some interesting ideas for future projects…

The force is strong with your ideas “Master Pilgrim” :+1: :wink: