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That’s my bad, I can also stop now

You are not alone, I think we all have done, and we will continue to do so…

Also no need to stop, this thread is for whatever you want to chat about…

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I would say No for one reason. The heart needs to move around and expand and contract. You would basically be trying to cage something that cannot be caged for long without damage. Also, the anatomy of the heart would be crazy to try and wrap, and fitting in the chest cavity.

I can’t speak with much experience in a lot of things, but I did assist with open heart surgery for a few years, and have seen a couple hundred open chest. Mainly helped with ablation of pathways and extra muscle.

They can pace your heart, through your esophagus.

They can also put wires through your jugular to pace your heart internally. Or install them from the outside.

They can keep your heart beating, even if you want it to stop.

Wasn’t there a movie where someone embedded a faraday cage throughout their body? Not implying it’s real/possible, just got reminded of it and now it’s bugging me that I can’t remember where I saw it.

The size and shape of the wires or mesh don’t really matter, just a silly thought experiment

Was just curious if you provided a better path for electricity, if it would prevent an electrocution death, since I’ve often heard how many amps it takes to stop/kill your heart

Kind of a lightning rod for your heart

Figured the response would be more “you’d still die from xyz being damaged”

@anon3825968 but a pretty wet figurative blanket on the concept, pointing out it would make it pretty difficult to be defibrillated, which is just ironic

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@CriticalNyte, I have a couple of questions / suggestions for you.

What was the reader / writer?
Do you have a link / photo

Do you have these numbers and process’ to share

From looking at your sabre, do you think the antenna would be modifiable as to allow the weilder to hold it in such a way that it could read an implanted chip in position 0 ( Hand webbing / thenar space ) whereby you could “write different colours” to your implant at will, rather than changing out the kyber crystal.

Also a “jedi security” system, :warning: Only those with the force ( implant ) could light it up…
( imagine if you had an implant in each webbing with a different colour )

Is it a read once to choose colour on start up? or does it continually read? ( your Field detector or diagnostic card may tell you this )

Anyway, just some thoughts if you decide to do a project write-up

Fun Fact:

Amal actually has a twin brother Juan. Their mother only keeps a picture of Juan in her wallet though because if you’ve seen Juan you’ve seen Amal.


That was genuinely funny.

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Apparently conspiracy theorist believe that Margaret Keenan, who was first in the world to have the Pfizer Covid-19 jab outside medical trials. is a member of the illuminati because she used this hand signal

Just wondering, does anybody here know Sign Language???

I truly wish sign language was universal, and don’t know if this will crossover into American sign language, but if you know BANZSL family (British, Australian and New Zealand Sign Language) you should get it

If not, here are some “hints”:-




Read “what every body is saying”.

I’m curious: do you guys have collections of animated gifs organized in folders named after their meanings to come up with them so fast? :slight_smile:

Google images is fast


Okay. Even if I tried, I could never copy / paste something that fast, let along find what to copy in the first place.

One who speaks gif fluently has their ways

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So it seems :slight_smile:
Dammit I feel stuck in the nineties…

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You say that, but I’m still a faster coder with vi under the console than all of my coworkers with their super-duper mouse-driven IDEs at work :slight_smile:

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Nano at the very least…


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