Custom Service: Payment Implant

This week I got my payment chip implanted. I found in Austria a doctor who was willing to do the procedure :slight_smile: I got the chip implanted on Tuesday. Yesteday I paid the first time with my implant.
I can’t explain it with words - this is so amazing, incredible,… - love it

thx Amal for this amazing work :slight_smile:

Here is a video :slight_smile:


Thats so cool!

For this to work you must have a mini bank card (only appear to be available in Germany and Austria) then this is transformed into an implant. YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS WORK WITH ANY OTHER IMPLANT.


There are also other countrys with microcards like the Netherlands. Maybe there are also soem other banks who offer microcards - go into your bank and ask them.

The service from DT:

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Good to know. I have been trying like crazy to find a tap card. Now I need to find one of these.

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I think what @Devilclarke is getting at with this was a preemptive strike on the people who will come in here and ask how to set this up with their NExT because they know it can be done :wink:

But yeah, micro payment cards are the only candidates for conversion at this time, with Apex eventually (hopefully!) giving us more options.


As in a normal size debit/credit card, I do wonder why one of those can’t be converted maybe @amal could tell us?

Yep your on the money there :slight_smile:


Rad to see it in action.

As cool as it is and as cool as I think it is, I’m kinda having second thoughts on using my eventual Apex for payments. Not sure how many places are going to be happy with you rubbing against their debit machines in a post lockdown world

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IIRC the cards are designed to be tamper resistant and everything basically disintegrates if you take the card apart. The success rate would be so low it’s not viable to offer it as a paid service. Also EMV might not take too kindly to it while we’re trying to negotiate with them, and apparently opinion matters when making business decisions for them. They’re so fickle.


The normal cards are too big :sob:

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@Satur9 is close… but basically the manufacturing process to make a normal card uses a “dual interface module” which places the chip behind the metal pads of the contact interface, fixed in place using resin. From that blog, two extremely tiny wires normally used for wire bonding go from the silicon die pads out to the antenna. Extracting the die from the resin and tapping those wires is beyond my skillset.

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Also I believe you are in the USA… so finding a tap card at all is a challenge… but really, these micro cards simply don’t exist here.

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Actually you can in the UK as well. We have these waiting to be installed.

Bpay with Barclays for instance. You can get these via us also.

We’re in the process of sorting something out to get a few stocked


Early signs show Heritage in Australia with their HOVA are a viable candidate.

The chip is an okay form factor, nothing brilliant, but the core chip is likely small enough (with suitable low inductance antenna due to the high capacitance chip) to be a Flex form factor.

Do combank still do the PayTags things? I used to have one, was a small (maybe 1/4 ish of a normal credit card size) sticker for phones that didn’t have NFC (or whatever else you stuck it too)

I think OZ Westpac still do, plus also a Watch band “add on”…
Standby , Googling…
And their Pay tag… (NZs one, but think OZ Wespac has it also )

And Combanks PayTag

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Have one of those somewhere around, it got deactivated with the account - don’t use Westpac in Aus, their online banking passwords are 6 char max.

I had one of those OG commbank PayTags (but they’re long discontinued). I applied before I was 16 and 3 weeks later got a “Sorry, you can’t have this mate” letter from the team handling them when they first came out. They were for iPhones mainly.

I will provide some photos from Amal’s testing after he put it back on the original antenna.

This is the HOVA (I disassembled it myself - careful prodding with a Stanley knife found the chip)
This is what came out of the HOVA.

With one of those little LED things for size