Cyber Security MumboJumbo. a.k.a. Instagram Hates Cyborgs. a.k.a. Cyborgs hate Instagram

Well… I am definitely not a big fan of social media, but I used to hold an Instagram account.

Mostly as a psychological exercise (to try and force myself to take more pictures than I usually do), which I failed at miserably :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… last night a few friends asked me to send some pics of how my implant was healing, so I decided to post a video instead. Easier, right?

Was a simple video of me unlocking my PC. just mentioned “nfc implant” in the middle of the description (not even hashed)…

A couple of hours after posting the video the account vanished.
Instagram completely nuked it.

No one can find it, and it claims no account is associated with my phone number nor my handle, nor my e-mail.

Thought that would be interesting to share here.


It’s the automatic porn / indecency filters or something. It takes just the wrong keyword in the description (sometimes completely innocuous words) or the wrong overall shade of pink in your video and boom, it’s gone.

That’s the reason why I post implant-related videos directly here and not on Dailymotion anymore, despite the 8 meg limit. DM just drives me spare.

I used to post videos for my barefoot walking club friends on DM, and they kept getting deleted - even without any description - until DM finally sent me an automated email to tell me to stop posting “foot fetish” stuff, lest my account gets deleted. The damn filters can’t distinguish between a barefoot hike in the forest and a dirty video apparently.

The thing that’s nuts is, you can never figure out what their criteria for rejection are.

Social media can fuck right off, for that reason as well as a whole variety of other reasons.


I have melanin so there may be a good chance this might not even happen to me at all :fist:t4:


that, but on steroids!

The indecency filter only nukes the post.

In this case, it nuked the entire account!

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That don’t matter. Apparently their filters measure the “hotness” of the overall hue of your video.

Case in point, I once shot a video in my living room in the middle of the night, with a low-level table lamp on for lighting. It was a video about some electronic gadget of some kind iirc. But crucially, the lighting was so bad the video was all reddish and darkish, and the porno filters mistook it for bedroom action and decided to save the children of the world from all that filth.

Since then I color-balance all my videos, always on the blueish side.


Captain Kirk Approves! :wink:


Well like I said, their criteria are arbitrary and - most importantly - you don’t get to know what they are. It’s like playing a game without knowing the rules.

Apparently you tripped one of their bigger fuses.

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It might be they didn’t like something absolutely random… but it might be they dislike implants.

And given how they completely nuked an account (which is far more intense than just removing a post like they do with porn), I thought a warning was in place.

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Security by obscurity. Same with app stores etc.

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There’s another kind of filter that trips REALLY easily in those video sites: it’s the copyrighted music filter. Don’t wanna upset those copyright holder none!

I once posted a high-speed velomobile video with the Ride of the Valkyries as a background music, and within 20 seconds of the upload, it got muted and a banner below said “music copyright violation” or something. I didn’t know Wagner still made money from his music…

Only that in this case it makes no sense.

I mean… if I don’t want you to get into my place, I will hide the mechanism to open the door.
That makes sense.

But… If I don’t want a kid to say a specific set of words, else I will put it on “time out”… then not stating what they can’t say is actually counter productive!

Not that I am expecting anything short of utter incompetence from facebook devs, though… :rofl:
I want to cry when I see their algorythms… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also, lol:

Sad times…

Wagner probably agrees. He’s been awful quiet lately.

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That’s so weird, I’ve posted plenty about my implants, videos, boxes, needles, blinkies… always used all the tags even… just the occasional nut job commenting here and there but not much else of a hassle

Well… I am definitely not a big fan of social media Narsissist


I would take that as a blessing, I hope for your sake every last drop of data is wiped from their servers…

giphy (33)


I think you can be onto something there…

I’m not even bothered about “a lost account”. I basically had to force myself into using that anyway.
But now I’m rather curious about what exactly happened.

Funny thing is…

  • If I search for the account, It just does not exist.
  • If I try to “recover it”, It states there is no account tied to my e-mail.
  • If I try to log in, use my e-mail and a wrong password, it just returns “invalid username or password”

Up to here, all going as expected…
But then…

  • If I try to log in using my e-mail and correct password… the app crashes! there seems to be just gibberish coming back from the server, and the app immediately shuts down.

Feeling avenged. :rofl:


Another thing related to this, Instagram moderates DMs too. A few months ago, I sent a screenshot of the Victoria’s Secret tracker chip hoax in a friend group along with a message explaining why it’s a hoax along with the fact that I’m annoyed that people actually believe in stuff like this. And a minute later, I got a warning about spreading false information. How ironic, my intention was literally to prevent spread of misinformation, and it was only posted in a private DM group.

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No friend of mine needs help to see bullshit conspiracy theories for what they are. I would look into changing friends if I were you.

Yeah, they definitely got bots reading through all our messages… not only insta, but pretty much every modern messaging service.

Then I’m not so sure if the fact that those bots are absolutely imbeciles** is a good or a bad thing…

** testament to the intellect of the developers behind it, not of the bot itself, who isn’t to blame if their progenitors were drunk while conceiving it.

I really wish more people were into IRC or even Jabber…
But now it’s a choice between using shitty services or isolating yourself. :woman_shrugging:

I mean, I’m sure my friends already knew that is false information. I sent that to rant about the absurdity of technology and privacy related hoaxes that karens believe (which I saw earlier on Facebook).

Oh hehe okay, I didn’t get it :slight_smile: