Cyberise NFCxLED


I realize i’m explicitly using an implant from a non-dangerous things source, but this is the best forum for these kinds of questions :slightly_smiling_face:.
I recently purchased + implanted an NFCxLED from, it’s all working great I think (although I can’t see the light yet, wondering if maybe it’s swelling related).

It’s an NTAGI2C at heart it looks like, so I’m wondering if it’s compatible with the dangerous NFC app, or how best I should protect it if not. Also, just curious as to what the core differences are between the I2C and the 216 which it seems like is standard to dangerous things’ xNT.


Hi @izzy,

Unfortunately, it was my understanding that this first release from SIID (Dsruptive) was to be a sample only, for possible vendors to evaluate but not sell. Sadly, we had not received any such official samples, but I have procured one none the less. The idea Cyberise would put these on sale is not something I would consider to be ethical. I have serious doubts about it’s robustness and safety. Here’s why…

Issues include;

  • to my knowledge, SIID has not done any safety testing on these samples
  • an improper needle guard used (not serious, just another indication these are not meant for sale)
  • thin walled borosilicate glass was used
  • flame based glass sealing process created tension points on both ends of the tube
  • no or very little epoxy resin was used, so the the glass lacks physical reinforcement
  • the glass “ball” at the right end of the tube created by the sealing process is:
    • fragile and under stress
    • not great for biofouling resistance
    • placed in the needle such that the syringe plunger puts force on the ball to eject the tag, which could easily cause it to break under pressure, and you would not know this until you had medical complications.

We are in contact with SIID now and negotiating the idea of allowing us to buy their module and we manufacture it as an implant that is up to our standards as a new Dangerous Things product.


Well, shit. I got it put in already.

Did you procure yours from cyberise? Do you think there’s a possibility they re-encapsulated it to a higher standard? I suppose I can reach out to them.

In the meantime, got a few more questions. What do you mean specifically by “medical complications”? Any way to check if the one inside of me has something wrong with it?

Do you recommend I get it removed? It was just put in ~3 days ago.

I realize that’s a gazillion questions, thanks in advance. I’ll reach out to cyberise and see what they say.


I did not.

Not at all. Cyberise was not involved as they claim. They simply received a certain number of these devices from Dsruptiv.

If you break a glass tag open during installation or have broken glass shards inside you… you will have “compliations”… lacerations, glass working its way out of you, and the fact there is no epoxy means bodily fluids will fill and start to corrode the components inside the glass and leech into your body.

Not sure… high res x-ray maybe… a digital one so you can adjust contrast and exposure digitally to see if you can make out the glass tube and ensure it’s still intact.

Personally I would not put one of these in my body. You do what you want with that information.

We’re here to help, even if it’s not our stuff :slight_smile:


What are the odds Dangerous things comes up with an implantable LED? hint hint nudge nudge*


Well, since we have one in the works right now, I’d say the chances are 100% :wink:


Shut up and take my money!