Cyborg Chopsticks

I am going to update this as I go along. I hope by posting it here, I will be motivated to actually carry it out.

You read it right though, Cyborg Chopsticks. These are going to be the choice for all future cyborgs, they are self powered, unlike you and your fragile body. These are also antimicrobial to help keep your weak immune system in check as you don’t have a hard restart option… yet.

My plan is to find a torch that can melt silver, and cast silver into 2 chopsticks, and then go to town with a file or drill, depending on which design I go with. I can also hammer it out, as my torch gets hot enough to make silver red at least.

I figure for the wide end I will have to source someone with a metal lathe to make the end caps I want, and if not, I have a plan to keep the vial in place, it would just look better.

Here are my 2 ideas for designs:

This first one was my original idea, then Photoshop stopped working for me, so I took a break and came back and it recovered it! (After I thought of a different design)

This is the second design I thought of, and I like it more. It will be way more easy to accomplish and I think it would look the best. It would also help protect the vial inside if I cannot source one in tough glass already. (I may not want a thick enclosure anyways)

So that is where I am at. I have silver already, so that is taken care of. I think over the next few days I will work out how to cast it (buy a torch or source one), or hammer it out. Only issue with the hammering is I would need to start with 1.5 or 2oz of solid silver per chopstick, and all my silver is in junk form.

Once I get the main chopstick done, I will drill down the middle to have a solid place to hold it, and base my design off that. If I can convince the wife that we NEED a dremel drill, I will be able to have a way more intricate design.

My Photoshop skills are terrible I, from now on, will just draw on paper and take a pic of that with my phone.


Really typing it here so I don’t forget, but I should look into glow powder and resin +led combo, tritium “burns out” after a period of time, and no guarantee I can find another vial to fit in them once I seal them shut.

Interesting project. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Yeah… Been thinking this through here at work.

  1. I don’t think I will use tritium. For what I can buy, there is just no real certainty of getting 2 that are the same, plus I doubt it will be visible in the normal day hours. Cool for me, but I want to be able to show off also.

  2. I think I am going to have to use a glow powder/resin mix. This may actually make things easier for me, and opens up tons of possibilities.

I was thinking of having a surface mounted diode at each end of the resin, and maybe make a carrying case that will double as a way to power the lights. I could potentially use fingernail lights in the resin also, as to make it easier for me.

(Extreme ambition is to have a carrying case that I have to scan my hand to open, and I can scan my hand to charge the “core” up of the chopsticks)

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Sorry if I’m thick, but I don’t quite understand: are you making glow-in-the-dark chopsticks?

You aren’t thick. My original plan was to have tritium in the ends, just for a soft ambient glow. I use chopsticks when I go backpacking, so they would actually have a purpose too.

But when you say it like,

That statement currently has me wondering if I should just delete this thread. I guess they would just be glow in the dark chopsticks after all.

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Your chopsticks were going to be effectively using some materials used in implants with a robot/cyborg cast head.
Almost Recycled/repurposed cyborg parts… I say go for it

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When I read the title, I thought you wanted to embed transponders in your chopsticks to invent a clever ordering device for sushi restaurants - as in, there are banks of labeled readers where the patrons dine, and when they want to order some more sushi, they tap the correct reader with their magic chopsticks. So like, if I want 2 more California rolls, I tap on the 4th reader with the left chopstick, and the system knows it’s me so the chef can get rolling :slight_smile:


True, the original plan did call for that. After sitting here at work for the past 6 hours, I have come to the conclusion, that I would not like to have a robot end cap, as the cost is already pretty high up there for chopsticks.

I will still make me the silver chopsticks either way, glowing or not, but it does seem way less cool to have glowstick chopsticks, or glopsticks for short.

I feel like that is a great idea! Wish I would have been the one to think of it! I am not that skilled. I imagine you would assign the chopstick a UID that is tied to the table? In either case, that is loads above my knowledge level, I am going to start with a safe I think.

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Then it’s yours. Run with it :slight_smile:

I expect it would be pretty simple actually: just run a vanilla Linux server with the pcscd daemon running, some software to grab the UIDs and the reader IDs, associate them as you say with a table (and more importantly, a bill), and a ticker display for the chef to know what he has to prepare.

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I have tried for 2 days now to get my computer to boot past the grub screen, I hope I can just get that far!

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We’ve all been through that. Before you know it, you’ll be a Linux specialist - and I ain’t even joking.


I just managed to dual-boot linux mint with windows 10. I only use windows if I need to use uncompatible software.


It wouldn’t be so bad if I had a bootable iso for a different OS. I tried messing with everything in the bios setup, and in grub I tried to mount and load the iso manually.

My next step is to burn an iso of windows, image my computer to windows, and then back to linux. I don’t know what else to do really.

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I first installed windows 10. Then I installed linux mint (which can automaticly set-up dualboot). You should be dropped into grub on every startup asking if you want to use windows or linux. Btw what Linux distro are you installing? And did you disable secure boot and set your boot mode to legacy?

EDIT: My BIOS has an option to boot both UEFI and Legacy and I can choose which to boot first and I always use legacy because it helped me with linux installs a lot


I wasn’t until I tried to fix my network adaptor. I am using Ubuntu 19…somenumber here…LTS (the most recent)

Yes and yes! I get 2 more options, but neither work for me. One of the EFI that I can find after doing this, starts the ubuntu loader, but then the kernal fails. I am planning to go and buy some dvd-r’s tonight to make an iso at work hopefully.

Also about 5 minutes away from throwing it against the wall from frustrations.


You can also write .iso’s onto USB with software like Balena Etcher or Rufus and boot from it using the boot menu (usually F12 at startup).

EDIT: Im sorry that you’re frustrated. I threw about 2 Laptops until I found one that would let me run linux.

EDIT 2: I tried for 3 years. Got it working this March with a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 carbon. Hope you make it :slight_smile:


I assume you don’t have another PC and a USB stick or a OTG adaptor + android + USB stick?



I have access to a PC at work, but I don’t have admin privileges, hence why I will have to burn a disk, no way to burn to a USB at work.

I cannot find my adaptor to my S9, so that can wait until I buy the Note. I found the apps to burn to USB from a droid.

I cannot use my phone to load the iso either, as I refuse to root it.

At the end of the day, I haven’t owned a personal computer for almost 8 years, so what is a few more weeks? (Hopefully not)

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