Dangerous Things Magic Ring is now a thing!

The Dangerous Things Magic Ring is here! Get a truly magical wearable with 13.56MHz Magic Mifare 1k gen2 chip inside and the venerable 125kHz T5577 chip!


Ordered, I don’t know if I will use it to replace my Dual frequency ring, but it could.

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I’ve been looking for a m1k gen 2 ring for a while now, so this is perfect! Thanks for yet another awesome product!


Is this going to replace the NExT ring?

Yeah probably… no plan to restock the ntag216+t5577 rings at this point… why you wanna buy 100 of em?


I hesitated too long I guess

What size are you?


Lucky bastard… I have a 12 on my desk hah… lemme sort out something… DM

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Welp, you tricked me

Sign me up


Damnit… shipping costs more than the damned ring!

I hate you DHL :unamused:

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totalled out to 60 british pounds including shipping for me.

Is it like a Next implant from a technology point of view?

no it’s like a xM1 and xEM

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This :arrow_double_up: and also this :arrow_double_down:
The difference being the form factor obviously and the Ring has gen2 magic chip the FlexMT and xM1 are gen1a.

Read here for more info

Great videos also Amal, Thanks for those, they will be a great resource, and o ly 15mins for the two of them combined, but they all go towards


My precious…


One ring to rule them all.


I´ve had think about the xM1 in the past and try to understand which advantage the implant has over the ring. Or does it makes sense to use the ring instead. I mean there is the difference of the chip gen ! and 2). Can anyone bring some light in it?

The Ring is gen2 the xM1 is gen1a

Here is a video

The advantage would depend on your use case.
The ring is cheaper.
The ring can be written to with a phone.
The ring can be bricked (gen2).
The ring can be lost.
The ring isn’t an implant.

Personally I want the Ring as an xSeries implant

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