Day 365 of my DT and number 14 in!

Xg3 v2 right ring finger.
Gonna be for magic.
Now I need to learn some magic.


The idea of sticking a needle in a fingertip terrifies me a bit. Well, a scalpel also makes me feel uneasy… Both for the same reason why magnets often get implanted in that spot. It’s a sensitive area and looks painful AF. And yet I’m somewhat tempted to get a Titan at some point.

How bad was it? And how does it compare to getting an implant in P0?

It sucks in the finger tips.
I have a titan in my opposite hand same finger. I used a scalpel for that. I also have an xsiid in my middle finger on the other hand as well.

Titan for sensing
Xg3 for magnet magic

And Showing off your Jedi prowess?

Specifically this bit