DEFCON 31 / Any installers available?

Hey everyone! I was wondering if any experienced installers were planning on making the trip out to Vegas this year in August. I know in the past the biohacking village has done installations during the con. I’m asking because I’ve ended up with a sealed in box xEM and Vivokey Spark 2 that I don’t think I’ll end up getting installed and I’d love to give them away at DC this year. I also have a Blue xSIID I was hoping to get installed this year if anyone was planning on doing installation at the con :).


@BioBeehive may still be in Vegas and available to help


Any update?

Bumping this DEFCON 31 post to see if anyone will be at the Biohacking Village this year doing DangerousThings implant installs.

Thanks and see you all there!

Augmentation Limitless will be representing Dangerous Things in the physical security village.